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The ladies met for their Bible study, Thursday, morning. The next Ladies’ Bible study lesson on February 28 will be on “Making an acceptable sacrifice.”

Stephanie Corder brought pictures, Wednesday evening, that she had taken at the Ben and Brittany (Corder) White wedding last week. Our prayer would be that those smiles on all the faces will be as bright fifty years from now.

We were saddened at the death of Adrain Owen’s sister, Delita Jenkins. We can say that she lived out a good and long life. Adrain and his son, Jim, had visited and sat with Delita many times in the last few weeks.

Beth Johnson and her mother, Yvonne Johnson, were guests in the services at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday morning. Beth sang specials in the 11:00 AM service and the 1:00 PM service. Beth is a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Dawsonville, Georgia and has been raising support so that she can go out on the mission field to Northern Africa. Beth gave her personal testimony of her salvation when she was five years old. She said that a five year old child can sometimes understand what some theologians miss even though they may study it for years.

Beth grew up in a Christian home where missionaries often stayed, she had made some short mission trips, and she had often prayed that God would send missionaries to places where there was no gospel witness, but she did not think about going full time herself. She graduated from a  Bible college and taught 5th grade one year. When she was burdened again about mission service, she thought perhaps she could take summer mission trips, but while assisting a mission family in Northern Africa that summer, she realized that this was the place where God wanted her. She could no longer evade that call by anything less.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Acts 9:19-25 on “You never know what’s in the basket.” When the disciples in Damascus saw that the Jews lay in wait at the gaits of the city intending to slay the newly converted Saul, they helped him escape the city by letting him down the wall in a basket. Little did they know that Saul would become the greatest of preachers, writing a great part of the New Testament.

You may be given a “basket” of pain and the Bible does say that if you will live godly, you will suffer. If you are suffering losses, “hang on.” Remember that victories are more precious after having suffered defeat. We also need to hang on to the basket of prayer, the basket of obedience in God’s instructions for family life, and the basket of personal work. Hang on even when things don’t look good, you never know what good may be in that basket.

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