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Bob and Linda went to church on Sunday, but I’ve been mostly staying home in the warm and away from the flu bug.

Barb, Jack and Miracle were here to visit me, Bob and Linda, and brought birthday cake for Linda on Thursday evening.

Bob and Linda took me in for a haircut on Tuesday and then right back home.

I visited by phone with Max Singleton one day recently.

Don and Pam Cunningham visited with Bob and Linda last Saturday, a week ago. Also on Monday Bob’s sister, Sue and Clay Pickney, were down from Springfield to visit them.

Holly Meadows of McAlester, Oklahoma called and visited with me on Sunday.

My son, Bob, had shoulder surgery two weeks ago. He is doing pretty good. He and three friends brought me a trailer load of wood on Saturday afternoon.

Bob and Linda keep my birds and squirrels fed. I must have had close to one hundred finch eating at my window feeder on Sunday morning. It’s not going to be long until Ground Hog Day and we’ll see how much more winter we will have.

I will be having a birthday in March and I remember when we got two gallon of gas for a quarter, buy and send a penny postcard or buy a penny’s worth of candy.

Hello to all my friends and family. Get-well wishes to all who are sick.

Until next week, God bless.

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