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Ava Place

At Ava Place we have had a few challenges to face this month.  We are pleased to say they are almost all behind us and we are moving forward.  The community has been fabulous as usual!  The Fire Department, Police Department, and City Water responded quickly.  We had several good sameritans stop to help us.  Gene Crites and his wife were there to assist as well. Ava is amazing!  We are so very blessed to be part of this community.

We have started a few new activities at Ava Place.  Vic Murdy with House to House Ministries has started coming twice a month to sing and entertain.  He is very much enjoyed by the residents and staff.  He brightens up spirits and puts smiles on faces!  We have also started a music therapy program.  Weekly we play instruments along with some of our favorite recorded songs.  It is great exercise as well as lots of fun.   Bingo has been added to another day.  Mondays Connie and Elaine from Three Rivers Hospice volunteer their time calling for the residents.  They love their Bingo time!

Next month on March 30 we will be holding our annual Easter Egg hunt.  We are beginning to collect eggs and goodies for the eggs.  If you are able to donate any of these please drop them by Ava Place any time.  We truly do appreciate it!  Thank you all so very much!!!

God Bless.

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