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There are so many people who are struggling to get over this nasty flu bug and bronchial illnesses that are keeping them home in bed.  It seems like its never ending and seems to bounce around no matter we do.  Pray for all those who have been sick and I hope it will run its course soon.  We always have a big prayer list and we try to remember as many as we can.  We have so many sick, recovering from surgery or struggling with cancer.  Pray for our military, our missionaries throughout the world and of course for wisdom for our country’s leaders as they are faced with overwhelming decisions of the country.

Our scripture for services on Sunday morning came from James 4:1-11.  As Bro. Oren says, James just tells it like it is.  Our message was entitled “What Makes Hell Afraid?” and as James says, it’s effective resistance.  We have to resist the devil and make him run.  The devil will try to make us believe that evil is a good thing.  Those things in our life that he tells us is fun and doesn’t hurt anyone is deceiving.  Don’t listen!   We fight the devil with our faith in God, our willingness to give ourselves to God’s will and learn from His Word.  That’s what makes Hell afraid.  The devil knows that his time is short so he comes to destroy everything and anyone he can get to listen.  God saves us and gives us life and the hope of an eternal home with Him.

We try to keep the Word of God in our thoughts and daily life.  Staying in the Word is a great way to battle the devil during the weak moments we all seem to have.  When we center on God, He can make us strong.  We have Wednesday night Bible study at 7 p.m. and this is a great way to study the scriptures.  It’s good to get a boost of God’s directions for mid week that will carry us through to Sunday.  Sunday school also is a great Bible study with different classes to choose from.  Each class will probably offer a different lesson plan, so maybe you want to try several to see what works best for you.  We do have an early bird Sunday school class at 8 a.m. before the 8:30 a.m. Worship service.   You can probably find a cup of coffee and maybe a treat or donut too.

Easter this year is coming early so we have listened to our Easter Cantata for the first time this week.  It’s going to be great so we encourage anyone who likes to sing to come and be apart of that ministry.  Lift your voice to the one who died for us.  He loves us so much and that’s why Easter is such a joy to celebrate.

On Feb 2nd there will be a ladies “One” conference at the Life Church.  For more information on that ladies, see Cara Roberts.

On Sunday Feb 10th, our annual Valentine’s banquet will be at 6 p.m.  We will be having Brooke Elwood catering this dinner, so it will be great food and lots of fellowship.  You’re welcome to attend that at the fellowship hall in the student ministry building.

Let’s keep Jesus with us this week.  By letting Him live in us others may see it and want it too.  Be aware of those around us who might need a kind word or a helping hand.  Invite someone to church and we’ll see you Sunday.  God Bless.

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