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We had a beautiful morning to go worship the Lord and we are blessed to have the freedom to worship any way we choose. We had special prayer for the McCoy family, Trampus Taylor, Don Lund, Richard Mitchell, and Floyd Graham. We were blessed this morning to have a small boy named Jordan with us that we have been praying for and he has been declared cancer free. God can still do great things when we believe.

We will be having a special guest speaker next Sunday on National Women’s Day and our missions celebration is going to be March 3-10.  Pastor Buddy brought the message this morning from James 5-17 on, He Prayed It Rained. Pastor Buddy brought out several things prayer will do. I will try here to give you most of them. Prayer will change things and circumstances, it will draw us near to God, it will open the gate to live a spirit-filled life, it will bring power for the ministry, it will bring power for devotion and assurance to our lives, it will build us up spiritually, it will bring insight into God’s provision, it opens the Spirit of God to us, it gives us power over the enemy, it brings life to God’s will, it brings fellowship with God, it brings peace, grace and confidence to our lives, it brings the lost to Christ, it brings wisdom and revelation to us, it brings healing, it delivers  us from trouble, it makes the presence of God real, it insures us of our  salvation, and prayer glorifies God with praise and thanksgiving. The enemy doesn’t want you to pray and all of these things is the  reasons why. Satan will fight you the hardest over your prayer life than anything else because when we pray things begin to happen and he doesn’t like that at all. When we pray and believe. we will see it happen. Elijah believed the answer before it ever rained a drop or even looked like rain was on the way. Another very good message from our Pastor today.

Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning with Sunday School for all ages at 10:00, Sunday night services at 6:00 and Wednesday night Bible study and prayer at 7:00.

Thought for the week; Satan laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.

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