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It was a damp morning but still a good day to go to the house of the Lord. Our worship team sang. It is a beautiful song which you could feel the Spirit moving. We had the privilege of dedicating two children today to the Lord , Railynn and Navaeh. We will continue to hold these children up in prayer.

This morning’s message was True Confessions from James 5-16. Pastor Buddy did a great job bringing the Word to us this morning, bringing the points to us that confession is a weapon that God uses to bring us freedom and will free us from bondage that satan puts on us.There was 4 things that confession will do number. 1. it will promote prayer.  If people think everything is going good in your life they don’t pray for you but when you confess that you have problems they pray for you more. Number 2, confession provides protection and accountabilty. When you tell someone your problem you will try not to continue doing it because you know you will see them again and they will ask you how you are doing with the the problem. If you don’t confess it satan will expose it and humilate you. Number 3, confession prohibits pride. It stops pride when we confess our downfalls or faults it takes the pride away from us . Number 4, confession produces praise. We will overcome and can give God the praise for it. Don’t worry about what it will cost us if we confess but worry about what it will cost us if we don’t confess. It was another good message that makes you stop and think.

Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 with Sunday School at 10:00 for all ages. Sunday night at 6:00 Wednesday night at 7:00. Come be with us anytime, we would love to have you. Thought for the week;   Those who deserve love the least need it the most.

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