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All Around Bradleyville

I’m beginning to think the groundhog didn’t know beans about whether he saw his shadow or not. He might need glasses. It sure has been awfully wintry weather to be an early spring. Of course, I guess if it is even a few days before the calendar says it is spring, it would qualify as “early” and the old whistle-pig would be right. It is a fun tradition even when it is usually wrong. It is snowing here this morning as I’m writing this and some of the flakes are as big as quarters. Our roads are clear right now but that will change if it keeps snowing like this.

I am getting spring fever in spite of all the bad weather and am ready to start some tomatoes and peppers indoors. I guess I’ll wait a few more weeks, mine are always pretty leggy by the time I get anything prepared for a garden.

I talked to Ethel West a few minutes at church Sunday night and she said Dot Combs was doing really well and was expected to leave the hospital on Monday of this week. She said Dot planned to stay at the condo they were staying at in Florida to do her rehab.

Scott Lawson will be graduating from basic training in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday. Then he will spend the next few months in tech school before spending another month or so at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Julie is taking her latest ultrasound pictures with her when she goes to see him graduate and they are going to open the sealed envelope together to find out the gender(s) of the twins they are expecting. The rest of the family is anxious to know also.

I haven’t heard much news this week, if there is something you would like to have included in the paper please contact me.

Birthdays for the coming week include: March 1: Bob Dalton, Brett Johnson, Heather Maggard; March 2: Dannon Hall, Morgan Lawrence; March 3: Janice Gray; March 4: Lee Bettis, Lindsay Thomas, Boone Hodges; March 6: Dillon Gross.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: February 28: Richard and Sue Baker; March 2: Bill and Paula Walker.

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