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All Around Bradleyville

Such a busy time of year with the basketball season winding down. Two and three games a week adds up to a lot of miles. I blame ballgames for staying busy but it is always a busy time with something or the other.

We went to watch the kids play at Lutie last Friday night and both Varsity teams won their games. Then on Saturday the Bradleyville School gym was packed with people for the Homecoming games with Koshkonong. I am happy to say that the JV boys, Varsity boys and girl’s Varsity all came away with wins, and although the JV girls didn’t win, they played hard and came very close. It was nice to see both my granddaughters, a couple of grandsons and all the other young people dressed up in their nice clothes and formal wear for the Homecoming crowning and dance that was held after the game. One of the highlights of the day was watching the cheerleaders with all the small cheerleaders do a couple of routines. They are always so fun to watch and they did a great job.

Cheyenne Winkles was crowned Homecoming Queen for this year and was escorted by Houston Trent. Other queen candidates were Daylana Baird, Savannah Norwine and Miranda Hallmark. They all were very pretty.

It was also Senior/Parents Night and there were several seniors and parents recognized this year. Our granddaughter Danielle Crouch was one of the seniors and it sure seems like time has flown by the past twelve years since she was one of the little cheerleaders out there with the big girls. Other seniors recognized were Emily Ridings, Savannah Norwine, Brenden Turner, Houston Trent, Wyatt Taylor, Phil Weaver, Daylana Baird and Gus Horner.

Basketball for this coming week will be a game at Chadwick on Thursday, February 14. That game will be the last regular season game and then the teams will play in districts.

David dropped in for a visit from Thursday night until Sunday morning. He had been at a conference in St. Louis and drove down for a day or so until he had to drive back to St. Louis to fly home on Sunday morning. It wasn’t a very long visit but it was a good one. He got to see a couple of really good, exciting ballgames while he was here.

It was good to see Nancy Howie and her daughter, Amanda Heun at the supermarket one day last week. Julie was talking babies with them when I came out of the store so we continued on that subject for awhile. Nancy and Mike’s daughter Hannah is due any day now and Nancy said they are all excited to welcome another baby to the family. They also mentioned that Amanda’s husband John had just finished the proceedings to officially adopt Amanda’s son and daughter as his own and that was very exciting news also.

Birthdays for the coming week include: February 14: Kyndra Day; February 15: Shirley Krause; February 16: Justin Combs, Edna Mae Johnson, Sara Krause, Wyatt Taylor; February 17: Jeremy Chambers, Kathy Compton, Jared Hodges, February 1: Judy Bonner, Chuck Braden, Landon Cook, Michele Howerton; February 19: Mike Combs, Rosa Williams; February 20: Trevor Blair, Brett Hall, Bailey Isaacs.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: February 14: Etcyl and Lorrinda Coulter; February 17: Bandy and Staci Dalton; February 18: Kevin and Sharon Grider.

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