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All Around Bradleyville

I am loving this mild weather for a few days. I plan to use one of these mild days to do some yard work, of which my yard needs badly. Leaves that were waiting for a mild winter day to be raked, and goodness, the holes all over the yard that rambunctious cattle made during the wet weather earlier in the winter. Bob moved the bull to another pasture so they don’t ramble around like they were doing. He was the ringleader for sure.

Our Sympathy goes out to the family of Luene Johnson who passed away early Monday morning. Luene had been in bad health for a few years. Luene had a very outgoing personality with a wonderful sense of humor and I always loved visiting with her.

We are staying busy this week going to ballgames, all away. By the time the paper comes out we will have already traveled to Norwood on Tuesday, with a ballgame for only the girls at Gainesville on Thursday, January 31 and both the boys and girls at Everton on Friday, February 1 and then a break next week with a game at home with Hurley on Tuesday, February 5. The Pee Wee boys will be in a tournament at Taneyville this week and then both girls and boys will play Taneyville at home Thursday, February 7.

If you have any news, birthday or anniversaries you would like included in the paper, please drop me a note, call me at 796-2651 or e-mail me at I would love to share your news with everyone, but I’m never sure you would like it shared unless you let me know.

Special anniversary wishes go out to Bill and Clessie Hurst who will be celebrating 66 years of marriage on January 31.

Birthdays for the coming week include: February 1: Johnathon Adams, Boyd Combs, Bailey Combs, Eli Harmon, Sandy Moore; February 2: Alice Albrect; February 3: Owen Smith; February 4: Amy Blair, Mariah Clemans, Tammy Hankins, Don Horner, Mike Roberts; February 5: Hester McBratney; February 6: Kenneth Braden, Shelia Burkhart.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: January 31: Bill and Clessie Hurst; February 1: Leon and Dot Combs; February 2: Mike and Sara Ridings; February 4: Mickey and Darlene Roberts.

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