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Every sunny day in January gets us closer to spring although we may have to wait for Mr. Groundhog to predict the weather February 2nd and that is less than two weeks away.

The Friendly Neighbors Extension Club plan to have their meeting the first Thursday in April. New members are invited to join our group. We are a charitable organization that organized in 1934.

Happy Birthday wishes are sent over the miles to granddaughter, Lisa Davis Keller, Geneva King in Hollister and Sandy (Chrietzberg) Richards, in Lindsborg, KS. on January 28.

As the cougars and coyotes have killed and eaten Jeri Miller’s laying hens and bantams, leaving the roosters and guineas in a state of depression, fearing for their lives! The “free-range” isn’t safe for them.

I enjoyed a letter from Peggy Jo Walker, in Nashville, TN. and sympathy in the loss of my nephew, Warren Moody, December 21st. Their mothers, being close friends, had their babies just eight days apart in October 1935. Peggy also was sorry about Barney Douglas’ death and has sympathy for Doris and family.

In Jerry Crownovers’ column last week in the Ozark County Times where he brought up the subject of turnips, it brought to mind how many I used to grow and chop with a hatchet for my cows. They loved them. Also a mess now and then on our table was enjoyed. A helpful hint from a newspaper articles told of having a small pan with vinegar simmering on the stove when cooking turnips, or cabbage, which causes the unwelcome smell. When turnips are added in vegetable soup along with potatoes, their odor isn’t noticed.

The family of Jim Lee Miller and Leslie Turner and others who recently lost loved ones have our sympathy.

A year has passed since we lost a good neighbor and friend to lots of people, Joe Gaddy, who died on his birthday, January 21st.

The pastor of Lilly Ridge Church who has been here two years, is leaving after this coming Sunday and a new pastor will be taking over the pastor position. Best wishes to Scott Linton as he moves on.

The Inaugeral of President Obama “took to the air-ways” Monday, another time to remember in history.

Hungry birds are coming to the feeders in larger numbers and there are some larger size that are taking over the smaller birds feeders.

Best wishes to Marcia Lyon who is still recuperating at home from a stay in Cox Hospital. We are hoping she is able to come back to church soon.

Just a thought, “Contrary to the old belief, oil seems to be one of the principal causes of troubled waters.”

Greetings to all who read the news columns, and keep in touch with their friends in the Ozarks.

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