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Last Weeks News -Well.. didn’t make it to church again Sunday. I was coughing too much so stayed home. I didn’t think anyone would appreciate getting germs spread to them.

I am doing better today but still doing some hacking .

We have been staying home except for Monday when Donna Bannister came down and took us for a ride which seemed to make us feel better. Just to get out of the house and get a breathe of some fresh air. She drove us through the country to Mountain Home, Arkansas and back. It was a nice ride. We saw wild turkeys in a field.

I have been making lace scarves while sitting at home. They are pretty.

My Aunt Violet Morris spent a few days in the hospital. She had bronchitis and laringitis. I am happy to say, she is back at the nursing home and doing lots better. My cousin, Howard Morris, has been sick this week too. He had bronchitis too.

My granddaughter, Hailey Carter, went back to school this week too. She had the flu. My great granddaughters, Jaycee and Caydee Burton, are doing better after being sick.

There has been so much sickness around, it seems that almost every family has been affected.

We send out prayers for the families who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

Until next week, try to stay healthy and happy.

This Weeks News – Sunday morning service opened with prayer requests and prayer then the Praise Team led some uplifting praise songs. There was one who was baptized. Such a blessing to see the young people joining the ranks of serving the Lord.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Ephesians 13:14, “What On Earth Am I Here For?”

It was good to be back at church after missing two Sundays. Delmar and I are both doing lots better now and happy about that.

We send thoughts and prayers out to the families who lost loved ones this week.

Well, we are having some cold weather so maybe the ticks and chiggers will be less bothersome this Summer.

We continue to need moisture and some snow would help too.

I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she is doing better but still has a bad cough. Uncle Hugh is about the same, sleeping most of the time.

We hope that my cousin, Howard Morris, is feeling better too.

I got a call from Uncle Mack Miller and he was just checking up on Delmar and me. He will be having his 95th birthday on April 9th this year. I am so blessed to have two uncles and one aunt and my mom who are an inspiration to me. They have all assisted in making me who I am today.

If our young people would take time to visit and spend time with the elderly, they would glean lots of information which could be used in their everyday lives.

I have been working on making some headbands for my great granddaughters.

I love doing things for my family and also, for my friends.

Visitors in our home this week were Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Julie Kookagey , Pauline Okhuysen and Stacie Hamby.

Until next week, try to stay warm and healthy.

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