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Well, Delmar and I were both under the weather on Sunday morning so we stayed home. We didn’t want to share the germs with anyone else.

We are both better now, but still coughing some.

There so many sick around. My little great granddaughter has a respiritory viral infection and has been pretty sick, also, my granddaughter in Nixa was diagnosed with the flu so has been down in bed this week.

We hope and pray that the new year brings lots of good health and happiness to everyone.

We had company a couple of times after we got to feeling better, but we have been telling everyone to stay away until we are well. I think it is safe now.

After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas get-togethers and New Years Eve celebrations, maybe we can all get back to our normal schedules. A Blessed and Happy New Year is wished from our hearts to everyone who reads these items, whether near or far. We hope that Max Singleton, in Wenatchee, Washington, is feeling better after being in the hospital.

We enjoyed seeing the snow this week and glad that it was not any more for the travelers and people who had to get to work and back.

We look forward to lots of family gatherings this year and hope everyone else can do the same.

Until next week, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, with lots of good times and fun.

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