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Rock chapel freewill baptist church news

January 27-Gideons for evening services.  February 2-Bro. Stanley Jones will bring the message.  Quarterly Meeting if February 9th and the Mexican Valentine Banquet will be at noon on February 17th.  Birthdays:  Tony Serghides and Jamison Guilliams on January 16.  January 13- Stanley and Glenda Jones’ anniversary.  Recent prayer requests:  flu patients, Jennifer Alexander and family, Max Yarber, Tina Miller, Lena Dodson and husband Ken, Kristin Smith’s sister Amy, Sharon and Van Renfrow, Jerry Lee, our country, the military, and many people with cancer and other health problems. Virginia Serghides taught Children’s Church.  Last week, Virginia Serghides did a reading, “The Little Boy”; the Smith and Housley girls sang children’s songs last week and the Smith girls sang this week; special today by Tammi, Stanley, and Glenda Jones; and the choir did a special. Mills will do an evening special.  Shelby Moore read thank you cards from Lugene Dobson’s family and Sharon and Van Renfrow.  Bro. Rick:  “I feel privileged to see you, and I’m glad you made it to church this morning”.  (There was a beautiful icy covering on all the trees with a hint of the sun shining through).  Bro. Rick announced that there were new, free Bibles on the back table for anyone wanting one.  His sermon was from 2nd Peter 1: 17-21.  Jesus is the Christ/ he is the son of God.  This is absolutely certain.  Jesus is God’s only begotten son.  He mentioned how when he was young, he thought he had all the answers; but as he matured he found out he wasn’t always right.  None of us have all the answers.  We are all sinners, and we all need mercy and grace.  He said one thing he has done as he has matured:  “I stopped being so critical.  I don’t judge how people dress or look; how often they attend church; what Bible they carry; who they vote for; etc.”  We should all do the same. Let each of us serve the Lord in our own way.  God is still growing us.  We are a work in progress. Romans 14-Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.  We should follow our own convictions.  He said, “Do the Lord a favor, don’t judge others and don’t criticize others”.  None of us have all the answers.  Each of us has enough to do just to take care of ourselves. Our job is to love others:  Love your neighbor as yourself.   Plan to attend upcoming activities.  Visitors are always welcome.  Questions:  Rick Batten 683-5657/ 250-0918 or Shelby Housley 746-4743 or Shelby Moore 746-4751.

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