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Red Bank Church

The Sunday morning church service at Red Bank began with hymns lead by Gary Lirley.  A warm welcome was provided by Jerry Huff.  He introduced the Sunday school lesson called, “Obadiah: A message of God’s Justice,” taken from Obadiah 1-21.  Many innocent people are easy victims of those with too much arrogance and pride.  This lesson deals with God’s response to such injustices.

Bro. Les Hallmark gave a Mission, Birthday offering in honor of his sister Lorie Hallmark.  Jeane Huff gave an offering in honor of her sister, Judy Smith, and Jerry Huff gave an offering in memory of his sister, Helen Hawkins.  All had birthdays in January.

Brother Les called the congregation into a circle prayer for the family of one of our association church’s pastor who had suddenly passed away.  This was a deeply felt loss, not only by his family, but also by the flock that he pastored.   We also remembered other request for prayer.   Willene Adams fell and has a fractured femur.   Lynn Halcomb, sister of Willene Adams and Maxine Lirley is recovering from a serious surgery.  My niece’s 6 year old great granddaughter is undergoing radiation treatments for an inoperable cancerous tumor on her brain stem.  We also prayed for those of our membership that are fighting serious congestion problems, and for those family members that are attending their loved ones who are ill.

The morning sermon was taken from Colossians 1:19 and 3:3 along with Matthew 20: 29-34.  In the latter scripture, we read that as Jesus, followed by a great multitude, departed from Jericho, two blind men cried out to Jesus when they heard that it was He that was passing by.  When Jesus heard them cry out, Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou son of David, He stood still and called out to them and said, What will ye that I shall do unto you?  Verse 33 reads, They say unto him, Lord that our eyes may be opened.  Just as the Lord had compassion on them and touched their eyesto give them sight, he will, with that same compassion, stop to answer our cries for spiritual sight that our souls may be saved and our lives healed for the Glory of God.  Praise His Holy Name that he loves his creation that much.

Visiting with Maxine Lirley last week was Gary and Alice Lirley, and Jeane Huff.  Maxine also had three young ladies come by her room to pay her a visit while Gary and I were there.  I didn’t write their names down, but we found that we had common acquaintances. We all enjoyed their visit very much and we thank them for taking the time to stop by to visit with Maxine and other residents at the Healthcare Center.   I know God will bless them for their sweet efforts to serve Him.

I spoke to Irene Swearingen about her mother’s condition since she fell and fractured the femur bone in her leg.  She reported that Willene was suffering a lot of pain, especially when the nurses try to move her to a sitting position whether in bed or in a chair.  I understand that a fractured bone is much more painful than a fully broken bone.  Of course, I’m not sure that Maxine would agree with that, with her broken, upper femur bone put back together with screws and metal rods.  I imagine that they are both suffering equal pain.  They really do need our constant prayer for healing.  Willene was supposed to have been returned from the hospital to the Healthcare Center this evening.   I’m sure a get well card from friends and family would cheer her up.

That’s all the news for now.   Take care.  Stay warm and stay well.

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