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Red Bank Church

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas.  Some of our children made it home for Christmas so that made it very merry for us.  Our youngest daughter, Mitzi, her husband, Mark, and two of her four children, Ben and Jessi, were here for Christmas day and got to stay until Friday.  Their two older sons, Zach and Josh couldn’t be with us because they both have jobs.  We really missed them.

The Red Bank Christmas program was presented on Dec. 23.  We had a very good crowd and everything went well.  We were all pleased that Maxine Lirley and Willene Adams were able to attend.  Some of the play actors were a little nervous, but they did a great job with their parts.  There were also several poems recited and the youth sang four special Christmas songs during the program.  Some of the adults sang specials and presented readings too.  We appreciate everyone that helped with setting up the stage, providing costumes and helping with the script and music.  Everyone enjoyed the food fellowship that took place after the program.

The Sunday morning service began with Gary Lirley leading in hymns.  Jerry Huff gave the welcome and introduced the Sunday school lesson.  For special music the youth sang. Eloise Hallmark also presented special music.  Brother Les based the morning message on Exodus 19-20 and Deuteronomy 9: 8-21 .It took only forty days and nights, while Moses was spending time with God on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments and other laws of guidance, for the Israelites to turn from following God and build themselves a golden calf to worship. These people whom God had freed from slavery and performed many miracles before them did not show their faithfulness very long.  Sometimes, even now, we turn to God for help in times of trouble, and like the Israelite people, we too, quickly turn aside out of the way which He hath commanded and become a stiff-necked people.  We go through each day of our lives without speaking to Him or giving him any time of our day.  We go to sleep without thanking Him for blessings that has been sent our way throughout the day.  This is a new year.  Let us put God first in our lives from now on.  He will make the difference by giving us the Peace, Love, Joy, and Hope we are looking for.

Gary and I enjoyed spending time with Maxine Lirley and Willene Adams and some of her family at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center Christmas party.  Howard Adams came so he could celebrate Christmas with Willene and Bob and Angie Adams.  The Center served a lovely lunch.  At 2:30 p.m., Santa came to the Center to present gifts to the residents.  Everyone was excited to receive a gift and have their picture taken with Santa.  Gary even got his picture taken with Santa.  He was so thrilled.

The Fifth Sunday Singing held at Red Bank on Dec, 30, was well attended.  After all the special music and congregational singing, everyone enjoyed eating finger foods and fellow-shipping together.

Well folks, Have a Happy New Year.  Stay well and stay close to the Lord.  Like I said, He will make the greatest difference. And, the New Year He had given us will be a much happier one.

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