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The Stillings family gathered together, Saturday, afternoon to celebrate Christmas. Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt of Springfield, Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, Stanley Stillings of Squires, Alan Stillings and Dan Stillings had lunch at the home of Norma Stillings in Ava. They talked by phone with Don Stillings of Anaheim, California, to exchange greetings with him.

Norma Stillings did not go to the nursing homes while recovering from the effects of a respiratory infection. Even though many of the residents have had similar symptoms, it is best not to visit if you have a bad cough or sore throat.

Billy Fletcher and Marie King both called to tell me that Charlie Lindberg had died. Not only had Charlie Lindberg hosted so many regular meetings of the Star Workers Homemakers Club in her home, but she and Fred had entertained them for many special events. They had planned to have a New Years celebration there Monday evening. Charlie will be missed by all who have known her.

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