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1-14-13. Dear folks: It’s 7:15 a.m. and eight degrees and we have to go to this Cities this morning. I guess it’s not any worse than people who have to go to work every day in this weather, but it doesn’t make it feel any warmer out there for me. Walt said he will drop me off at the door at Wal-Mart, then do all his running, then come back and get me so I will only have to get out at one place. We’re not going to meet anybody today so we’re not going to stop and eat. We got $40.00 in Subway gift cards and one for Hy-Vee for $25.00, so we’re going to get subs to bring home. There’s a Subway in the Silvis Wal-Mart so we will get them there while we’re inside. I had a fake fur coat hanging in a wardrobe upstairs and I was thinking it was much thinner. I hadn’t worn it for a long time and forgot just what it was like. I went up there and got it one day after it turned cold and much to my surprise it is real thick, heavy, long and really warm. I washed it and it turned out great so I’ve been wearing it. So I don’t mind going out in the cold near as much now. I ordered a fake fure hat and that’s warm too. I’m writing about this because I have nothing else to write about.

I got a call last week from Kathye Clark and she said a man who used to be our neighbor had passed away from cancer just like so many others. Him and his wife were living in Maquoketa, Iowa and he had been doing some odd jobs for Kathye after Fred got to where he couldn’t do anything and since he passed. Now she doesn’t have anyone to help her. The man’s name was Bob Fulton and he had been driving Fred’s pickup and taking him places after Fred got to where he couldn’t drive anymore. They were here one day last summer and that’s the last time I saw either one of them.

I got a Christmas card from Eddie and Kim and a picture of the whole family at Danny’s wedding. They all look great. I sure was sorry to hear Eddie had been having a lot of health problems through the year.

I got a card from my friends, Gary and Alinda who own the G.A.L. Auction Co. They’re so busy I don’t hardly know how they have time to breathe. She won a cruise trip for them and that’s good. Maybe they will get some much needed rest.

My daughter, Anita, had a birthday dinner for her dad, Trevis Twitty, on his birthday, January 11 at Lisa’s restaurant. Not sure yet who all was there, but probably all the family and the pastor of his church was supposed to be there with his little girl who had a birthday over the weekend. Walt’s two great-grandkids (brother and sister) Rylan and Savannah had birthdays this month and are two and three years old now. They had their party at Happy Joe’s in Davenport. Also Anita and Carl’s granddaughter, Ember, turned one years old this month and had a birthday party at Happy Joe’s in Muscatine.

The old clock on the old wall says it’s time to stop this and start getting bundled up and ready to go. I see the temperature is up to nine degrees now.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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