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1-7-13. Dear Readers: How’s the world treating you? I hope your holidays were all you had wished for. As usual I don’t have much to write about. Yesterday was Robert Allison’s birthday. I sent him a “Happy Birthday” message on my phone and Walt will buy his lunch when we go up to the Cities which will probably be on Thursday. It’s supposed to rain for several days starting on Thursday. I hope it isn’t freezing, but probably will be. Our temperature is 41 degrees right now. The warmest it’s been for awhile. It’s been getting down to ten or twelve degrees at night lately.

We were sure sorry to see in the O.B.S. where Homer Merritt had passed. Our deepest sympathy to his brother, Bill, and the rest of his family. He was in my class at school and also Walt Allison’s first cousin. He looked good in the picture and always seemed real nice in school. Walt’s sister, Hazel (Allison) Dowell callled yesterday and we both talked to her. She is now officially moved to Columbia, MO. and living with her son, Tom. He has kidney problems and has to be on dialysis, but I forgot how often. He’s on the waiting list for a transplant, but they told him in Columbia there were two years worth of people ahead of him. She wanted to give him one of hers and so did Rob and other family members, but he said he doesn’t want to take one from a relative because if something happened to them later because of that he would never get over it. I’ve decided I’m going to be an organ donor when I die, because they won’t be of any use to me anymore and maybe at least one of them can save a life. I hope I’ve got some worthy of donating. I got two of my Christmas cards returned because they’re not at the addresses anymore, one is from my friend in Cedar Rapis, IA. who moved to Arizona. She had sent me her email address, but not her phone number. So I hope she contacts me sometime. Then I got the one back from my friends in California. They’re the ones I stayed with both times I was out there in Santa Rosa and they are very nice people and I really liked them, but got down to where I just sent them a card for Christmas and always thinking I would call them and always thinking I would later. They were elderly when I was there in the nineties so I’m afraid they may not be with us anymore. I’m going to try to call them, but afraid I won’t be able to get them.

The bush out here close to the window has been full of birds sitting there in the sun when it’s shining and big red Cardinals part of the time. There’s been as many as 4 or 5 big red males and some females. They are so pretty.

Last Thursday we went to Tipton and I gave Joyce Turner an enlargement of her grandmother, Minnie Snoddy, that I made from the one in her O.B. and I laminated it so it will last longer and also gave her a small bag of jewelry I made for her. She’s so sweet. She said she’s making something for me. Well, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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