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12-31-12. Well we’re about ready to kiss 2012 goodbye. Tonights the big night. We’ve been staying in this week as much as possible. One trip to Tipton and one to Muscatine and then back down there Saturday for our Christmas for the family. We had an excellent dinner as usual, lots of good visiting with everyone there at Jared and Carrie’s house. Then opened our gifts. They had a big pretty tree with lots of presents under it. There to eat, open presents and visit were Anita and Carol, Anita’s Dad, Trevis, Lisa and Joe, Jared, Carries and Zoie and Walt and yours truly. The only bad thingwas the bitter cold. The wind was blowing the snow across hwy. 38 on the way down there and drifting some and it was really cold. We came back a different way and it was better. It’s warmed up today to 28 degrees, but supposed to start falling this afternoon and get down to 6 degrees tonight. Don’t know what the windchill will be, but I know it will be cold! Brrr!!

Frank Dee called last night to let us know he got back from Tennessee alright. We were concerned because of the winter storms they were having all around that area. Yesterday was his birthday, so Walt wished him “Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year” from both of us. I guess he had a lot of his family members down there in Tennessee for Christmas at his daughter, Cheryl and Bill White’s and June Cross’ house. I have to find out later for sure how many and who all was there. His daughter, Sue and husband from Hampton, Illinois, Bill White’s brother, Gary and wife from Hampton, Bill and Cheryl’s daughter and family. I’m telling this from third person account so I”ll have to hear it from the horse’s mouth (Sorry I called you a horse, Dee) and see if I made any mistakes or left anyone out.

Well, as usual, I better get this ready for the pony express, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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