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12-24-12 Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I hope the weather is good where you live so Santa and the reindeer can get through to your house. He’s already been here a few times. He brought a big box full of presents from Edna and Bill Pruett from Nixa, MO. Also when we were in the Cities earlier this month we met Frank Dee Allison and he had already had Santa to deliver a Christmas card and gift to us. Also we met Robert and Sharon Allison in Silvis HyVee for lunch and Santa had given them a card and gift for us. Walt already gave me his gift for me. I haaven’t got one for him yet. I’ll get it later. Probably when we go to the Cities next month. Dee went to Tennessee for Christmas. His sister, Cora, got a call from him one day. He’s supposed to come home the 28th. I hope he doesn’t forget that. We miss him just knowing he’s not there. I guess we’ll survive though. Walt got a call last night from his sister, Hazel, in Columbia, MO. She said her son, Tom, had been in the hospital and back home. Walt thought she said he had to have some stints put in. I’ts hard for Walt to hear everything over the phone, so I will probably call her and see what happened. We had some welcome surprise visitors this morning. Candi and Jarred stopped by on their way to Iowa City and gave us a couple of nice gifts and visited for awhile.

We got a major winter storm on December the 20th. It snowed and the wind blew hard all day. We were under a blizzard warning. The wind was up to 55 mph and really drifted the snow. Needless to say we were snowed in. On Friday night I sent a message to Jason in Muscatine and asked if he could send someone out here sometime the next day to plow the lane. He didn’t answer, but in a few minutes I heard someone plowing the snow. It was Jason. He had got ready and came on out here soon as he got my message. That’s just like him. He sure is a good guy. He really did a good job too. He didn’t even want to take any money for it. He had already came out on one of the hottest days we had last summer and got those loose bricks off the roof and wouldn’t take any money then either. So Walter went ahead and folded up some money and put it in his shirt pocket.

Well, the pony express is waiting for me to get this finished so he can take it to the mailbox so I better say take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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