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It has been awhile since I last wrote. Life has been hectic and we have been among the many who have been sick. However, I wanted to write to you this New Year and let you know about a few things that have occured in this area.

It was a joy to join several members of my family for the annual community Christmas Eve service at the Chateau Charmant. The choir from our church, Elkland Independent Methodist, presented their cantata. They did a great job and I was a proud grandmother, seeing grandchildren and great grandchildren in the choir. At the church, I even had a daughter sing in the choir. What a blessing! It is so nice of Bob and Bonnie Palmer to open the castle to all of our neighbors each year for this non-denominational service. Bob presented the Christmas story from scripture and the sounds of Christmas music filled the chapel as we all sang familiar hymns together. Afterward, we all enjoyed goodies prepared and brought by each present.

I wanted to mention that it was also nice to have all of our kids under one roof for our anniversary this December. They all gathered at the house one Sunday afternoon and we were able to take an updated family photograph. For those of you, who have busy children, you know just what I am speaking of. There were even a few grandchildren that showed up for the gathering. We put our anniversary offering in at church that morning and it was nice to realize that we had made another year. The older that you get, the more that you appreciate those years!

Fordland has had a tremendous loss with the closing of Lazy Lee’s. We always enjoyed going up there each day to enjoy a cup of coffee and to visit with friends. We have lost a large part of our community and now there is another vacant business on Main Street. It doesn’t seem like it was that many years ago, when there were 3 restaurants, 2 grocery stores, 2 variety stores, shoe repair, Mary Martin’s clothing store, flower shop, hardware store, lawn mower repair shop, auto parts store and so much more on Main Street. You can’t help but think of all those former Fordland residents who worked so hard to keep the town going, even after the highway no longer went through the heart of town. I think of Gladys Perkins, Lena Conley, Phyllis Jones, Floyd Burks, Mary Jane Burr, Bertie Stinnett, Irene Jones, Ernie Holiday, Edith Paul and so many others who had places on Main Street. They would hate to see the current condition of such a special place to live.

We wish to send our words of sympathy to the Fitzgerald family in the loss of one of their sisters, who lived out of state. Our prayers go out to them at this time. Also, glad to hear that Stella Fitzgerald is recovering from a recent operation.

Brother Bob Huskey, our former minister from Dogwood, will be preaching at the Elkland Independent Methodist Church the last Sunday in January at 11 a.m. Brother Huskey always preaches the week of our wild game potluck dinner, as he always enjoyed the wild game suppers that we had at Dogwood. Our congregation looks forward to his visit each year.

We hope to see you all out this way in the near future, be careful with this weather and enjoy the warm stove and some hot chocolate! Until next time..

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