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Howdy. For some of you folks that like to take in a good ballgame, Norwood’s homecoming is Friday, Jan. 18 at 6 p.m. They will be playing against Hartville. There will also be a crowning of homecoming king and queen.

Norwood’s fire dues are $35 this year. Sometimes we don’t see the importance of paying them until we have a fire and need them. It costs for them to maintain their trucks, and they are very good to come on each call.

Norwood sale barn had some excitement again this week. A 700 pound bull got loose and headed for the 4-lane. A couple of men were after him on horses. They never could get him stopped, so they had to put him down. So if you heard any shots up around Liberty Faith, that’s what it was.

Zach and Tammy Williams decided to go see Ed’s (Zach’s dad), mother which is 94 years old still living by herself in Florida. They took their oldest daughter, Courtney Stout and family with them. They were gone over the New Year.

I was so surprised when I got the call that Duey Haigler passed away Friday night. Duey and his wife Donna would have been married 50 years this year. They moved to Norwood in 1981 with three children. Twenty-five years ago they moved into Audrey Peck’s house. Their son Kenny later bought it and was remodeling it for them. Their son David graduated with me in 1982. I got to visit with him a little. He was in from Saudi Arabia.

For some of you that remember Larry Conner, he had a heart attack Christmas Eve, but is doing fine now.

Our anniversaries this week are Marvin and Chrystal Elliott on the 13th and Jim and Tina Sweet on the 14th. They will celebrate their 20 years together. I apologize for putting Brian and Vanilyn Jarrett’s anniversary in last week.

I just got word that B.J. Hill went to the hospital. He is having bad seizures. He is the son of Mark and Karen Hill.

They just laid to rest Exie Campbell on Thursday, Dec. 27. Now her husband Milton has passed away. He caught pneumonia. They had been together for 67 years. That’s longer than most people are alive.

If you have any news, give me a call, 746-1112.

Fun Facts: Education in the 1920’s and 30’s. Sept. 10, 1920 began the construction of the new school building which was located where Hwy. 60 now is located. This building was one of the best and most modern in Wright County. School Board members were H.J. Schofield, president; F.M. Huffman, secretary; W.V. Carter, treasurer; G.H. Robertson, A.R. Worsham and R.L. Calhoun. I guess they all just were more concerned with their last name than their first.

Challenge: The greatest underdeveloped resource in our country is faith; the greatest unused power is prayer.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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