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It’s a beautiful sunny Lord’s day and it was good to be in service at church this morning. Julia sang and it was a blessing to us all. She has a beautiful voice for such a little girl and Nicole played a special on the piano. It was good to see everyone out and Joseph and Kevin were missed.

My grandson, Jody Weyrauch, spent Friday night with me.

Charlie came Saturday evening bringing me a calendar from Squires which was much appreciated. I had really missed my calendar all last year and that is the first year in my many that I had failed to get a Spurlock calendar. When I was able to make garden it was a necessity, and now that my eye sight has dimmed it is easy to read so that I don’t miss doctor appointments, etc. Everything changes, but a few things stay the same and for that I am thankful.

Kasey just left. He brought me two squirrels for supper. His goal is now to hunt for Charlie a mess of squirrel. Nothing better than a big platter on the breakfast table full of squirrel that my mother had killed. She loved to hunt and you couldn’t out shoot her. That was our favorite meal together with homemade biscuits and gravy, butter and blackberry jam. I have such beautiful memories.

Karen came a few times the last couple of weeks and took me to town one day for my protime procedures and some shopping.

Dylan had been up from Texas for Christmas with Greg and Karen. Greg took him back today so he could get back in school.

Dick Beasley called with news that Granville, his father was in the hospital and with hospice care. Granville is a Little Creek native and he is a year older than Orville would have been. They were the very best of friends always. In fact Granville told me he spent more time in Orville’s home than his own. Three other boys made up the inseperable Little Creek Five and they were Lewis Miller, Rack Burton and Boone Prock. Boone was the only one who didn’t live on Little Creek but just over the hill in Wasola. Boone lived up-town. Keep Granville in your prayers and his family.

Jim and Jean Frye hosted a New Year’s Eve party. I didn’t feel up to the challenge of a winter nighttime excursion. I hated to miss because it is so much fun to be with my sister’s family at the years ending. This party is always in honor of my mother and to carry on the tradition of her Christmas party that she so enjoyed each year. Katrice was in the hospital and Tony’s grandson had pneumonia. They are both better, but didn’t get to come home.

Jo is home because Vicki is able to do things on her own again. We are thankful for Vicki. The Lord be blessed of His miraculous care.

Chris and kids were with Jo during the holidays.

I appreciate the friends at the Herald office for the nice Christmas gift and for the arrival of the paper each week. I’m always happy when paper day comes. I do enjoy each feature of our paper and I like to read of my friends via their items from the different communities. So my wishes are for a good New Year for you all.

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