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Have you heard about the wonderful works of the onion. They say slice one, put it in a small container with no lid. It works wonders for the flu. James’ sister found it on the computer. She said it helped her granddaughter, Shelby, get over it quick. So you are smiling to yourself and saying how stupid. But at the Rehab in Forsyth they quartered one up and put one quarter in a bowl to keep the germs away. His wife, Zelda, said it sounded like voodoo to her. As a kid growing up I remember Mom saying onions help keep a cold away. So why not? No one wants around you if you’re sick so why not bad breath. Remember do not eat the onion you have laid out. A doctor put it under a microscope and it had the germs in it. A flu outbreak was going on and one household in the neighborhood wasn’t sick. They did the onion trick and never got sick. So why not, they are not expensive, but are at this time of year, I guess. I raised my own, but I may buy one. I haven’t been back to the basement to see if I have any left. So if the old timers believed in them and the Rehab, why not?

David said I can remember grandma eating onion with corn bread and milk. See, history repeats itself.

Sybill Harvill has enjoyed all her company, her kids, grandkids, brothers and her sister and in-laws that have visited and stopped by. She is doing much better.

I enjoy Keith Moore’s column. I also enjoyed seeing where I wrote 25 years ago about Dr. Gentry in the Looking Backwards.

January 18 Lyn Halcomb had major surgery. Shelly, her daughter, called and said she was doing okay for what she went through.

We have been trout fishing some. Sometimes we catch them and sometimes we don’t. Saturday we hauled a big load of wood and put more on each porch and the rest on the wood pile.

My sympathy sent to the Howard Gott family. I met Carol on the fishing bank a few years ago. She was fishing with her son. I think we ended up talking more than fishing. Who would of guessed? James knew her husband, Howard and later I met him and we fished some on the banks with their son.

I called Irene Swearengin to see if she had heard from her Aunt Lyn Halcomb. She said her Mom, Willene, fell and cracked her femur. My sister, Sybil, had a bad fall. She was sore, but is better.

Mark Freeman put a mobile home on Brandon Morrison’s place. Most everyone knows it as the former Howard Jones place. Jerry Powell owns the house to the side and Brandon has the land across the road.

A beautiful day Saturday, January 19 and Happy Birthday to our nephew, David Halcomb. I asked if he felt older that morning. He said no, not yet, but maybe a different story by dark tonight.

The different types of flu bugs floating around. There were only 50 present at Garrison Church.

Ervin and Sandra Maggard had Sunday dinner with his mom, Iona Maggard. Also Valerie Austin, Shelby and Lacy Austin, Iona’s grandchildren.

Sunday night there was a good number out for evening services. Melany Stevens sang a special. Zelda Jones came she had been staying with Gordon a lot while he was trying to recover.

Bo, Jayme and Caleb Morrison, Phyllis Bloomer and granddaughters, Jaden, Allie and Emma visited George and Janie Morrison.

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