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Old age has set in around here. Last week as we are going up the road I told James I forgot to mail my items. Oh well, you will have a lot to read this week.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Dick Richards and Bessie Hall. Sympathy to Pauline, she will miss him so much and Jewell Elliott and her mom, Bessie, both lovely ladies. Jewell was always one of my favorite persons at the Douglas County Herald when she worked there. She had a great personality.

James and me visited Gordon Jones Tuesday at Forsyth Rehab. He is doing better. His daughter, Brenda Herd, was there  and she got a call from her son, Brady, who cut his finger about off, needing 7 stitches. She had to leave and we stayed with him until his wife, Zelda, got there. Thursday we visited Gordon, Zelda and son, Russ, and Gordon’s cousin, Jack Merritt, former sheriff of Greene County. Janie Morrison and Iona Maggard went to Ava Thursday to the beauty salon.

42 came out for church at Garrison. I guess the bad weather and late Saturday night activities kept some at home.

I called Betty Halcomb so that she could watch Channel 21 with Ashley Hull on the program playing her fiddle. She is Kerry and Cheryl (Gullett) Hull’s daughter. I know grandma Nadia (Ewing) Hull and grandparents, Don and Mary (Smith) Gullett are very proud of her. She sure is a pretty young lady.

James attended and helped at the ordination for Clint Johnson at Union Hill Church. Some from Garrison attended.

Sunday night at Garrison a good crowd came out and Bro. David Guerin led testimonial meeting and did a very good job conducting it. Everyone testified. Lots of tears flowing.

Remember our ordination at Garrison Church February 10th at 2 p.m. dinner at noon. Have a good weekend.

Last Weeks News – Everyone is ready for warmer days to come.

Junior and Betty Halcomb were planning to go to daughter, Connie Siler’s to join her family for a late Christmas. They planned New Year’s Day, but Connie had the flu. Amanda and Hope Evans have been sick.

Sunday, January 6th a young lady was baptized and will be out on her own January 10 from Delmina Woods. We wish her the best. Lisa Ellison and Melany Stevens each sang a special song. James preached a good altar service. A large crowd attended the baptizing. 77 were present for church. You are most welcome to Garrison Baptist Church. Sunday school is at 10 a.m., preaching at 11 a.m., Wednesday and Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. Always glad for visitors.

Donnie Cummings visited us Sunday night.

I don’t believe I ever wrote about Rev. Donald Potter visiting Rex and Shirley Halcomb and later we visited. A few fishing and hunting stories were told and taked about. Donald discussed the places he fished and hunted while holding revivals out of state. He got some hunting and fishing in while there.

We appreciate Tiffany Hicks for the gift from Day and Hicks family on Christmas Eve night. Iona Maggard and Sybil Harvill enjoyed theirs too.

Sorry to see Jim Curry passed away. My family had high regards for him. I never heard anything against him. In our book he was on the top of the list.

Jim and Alice Nelson are getting better due to a visit from a bug going around. I called to see how they were and to wish Him a Happy Birthday. He is a New Year’s baby. He is 80. I told him on television they said 60 was still young and just starting to get old at 80. Hope you have many more.

Loretta Stites’ husband came home from the nursing home. They were at church at Garrison the weekend before he got sick. Her son, Mike and wife, Tammy Stevens attend Garrison and I know they enjoy his mom and step-dad being there.

Friday James and I visited Gordon and Zelda Jones at the rehab in Forsyth. We hope Gordon can come home soon. Randy and Claudine Strenier came that evening. Bob and Lou Rains and George and Shirley Jones visited him and his family is in and out during the day. Visting hours are over at 9 p.m.

Saturday morning David and Rex Halcomb visited us at different times.

The column “What About This?” is written by a neighbor. It was by my column in the Herald. I thought that was pretty neat. He lives on what most know as the Lorie Swearengin place. Wayne and Roselea always spread Christmas goodies to some of their special friends at Christmas time. She used to bring cookies and etc. to us at Ongo when we had elections held there. Sure miss the elections being there, most of Spencer now votes absentee or not at all.

Jackie Nelson, Dillon, Gary and Brandson Morrison visited George and Janie Morrison.

I will leave you with this story. During Christmas time we ran into cousin, Chester Thomas, at Wal-Mart and then at Town and Country. He purchased two fruit baskets and as he left the store he said I am getting these for my good friends, being you are not, Merry Christmas! He always bought Carl and Lotus Swearengin one every year, maybe next year I will be on his list. Knowing him I would receive a lump of coal. Love him anyway.

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