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Hello from our home to your home in this January 2013, which we anticipated to be snowy, blowy and bad, but with many days of spring-like temperatures, and I must say, we have been disappointed because we need the moisture to raise the water-table after last summer’s scarcity of rain.  Perhaps, spring-showers will help make up the deficit.  Let’s pray for some slow-gentle soakers.  I’m thinking of the farmer’s pasture land and the cattle.

In the home here life goes on about the same whether wet or dry.  Once in a while we notice a drooping house plant or two, but that is soon taken care of with a little water on the side.

Our Director of Activities, our wonderful Connie, has been back with us, even though not fully recovered from knee surgery, but still able to function and keep things going.  It really adds to our home.  Although we have many volunteers who pitch in to help.  And some of the residents are wonderful volunteers who are marvelous helpers.

We’d like to welcome all new residents to our home and hope they will begin to feel at home among us in a short while.  Our home is a very good home with many helpful, kind people to minister to the needs of all who come to live here. We would like to welcome Allen McCoy to our home.

Congratuations to  Wilburn Hutchison, Edith Moran and Vonna Hathcock on getting to go home this week.

Our prayers and sympathy are with the family of Viola Seeber.

We finally got our jig-saw puzzle of the group of dogs put together.  We really had to do it twice because it got messed by the slight of a hand.  We find great satisfaction in finding and fitting pieces of the puzzle together.  We enjoy the feeling of accompliment when we finish a puzzle.

The Gospel Strings were here Sunday afternoon for singing and preaching with the residents.   We appreciate Garry Hall and Frank Cornet for filling in for Mt. Tabor Church .   These guys love to play and sing.   We appreciate everyone who has volunteered in the last several weeks, your kindness is very much appreciated.

A nice helpful friend, Judy Kent, came by Sunday afternoon and took me outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  It was  a wonderful treat and not to cool. My appreciation to Judy.

Our prayers are still with our administrator, Tonya Cutbirth, and her husband, Danny.   We are always hearing the good news of his improvement.  He will be having surgery the last of this week, so we are asking for your prayers for the family.  God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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