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Gentry Church

Opening Sunday morning service with prayer was Joie Welker.  Our Sunday school lesson was on having our focus on Jesus Christ and the desire to know Him more.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Joanne Welker.  Haley Beard graduated from children’s church and received a certificate.

Our Bible study and video on Wednesday night at 6:30 pm, will be on John, chapter 9.  Everyone is welcome.

Sunday, January 27th at 2pm, is the 4th Sunday singing at Gentry.  Our church will have dinner before the singing.

Saturday, January 26th, 12pm to 2pm, Gentry is having some recreation for the kids at the Bounce House in Seymour.

Remember all the prayer requests given and little Blaze Marion, who is really sick with the pneumonia.

Our special song was by Pauline Welker and the Gentry singers.

Congratulations goes out to Danny Young and Toni Longsont, who were married Saturday, at Gentry Church by Pastor Riley Hall.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from John 17:17; the Holy Spirit helps you to get fullness from God if you seek it.  Christ always glorified the Father and after finishing the work he was to do, the Father glorified His Son also.

Our evening service opened with singing and testimonies, our special song and reading was by Ronnie and Sue Thomas and Wanda Casady.

Pastor Hall’s evening message, was from Luke 14:25-33. God made a provision for us through Christ’s blood, surrender everything to Him.  We must not let self stand in our way, we need to love Jesus more than anything.

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