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Gentry Church

Opening our Sunday morning service with prayer was Doug Miller.

In our Sunday school class, we studied about “Proclaiming Christ” while we are still on earth, we should, as Paul did, use our opportunity to tell others about Jesus.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Ruby Buchanon.

Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. we are studying the book of John and in chapter 7, so come and join us.

Our holiday visitors in church were Gary and Ramona Henning’s daughter, Jennifer Day and children, Tessa, Zane, Athen and Farrah from Jonesboro, Arkansas and also Zach Leonard and family from Alexandra, Louisana visiting the Bob Leonard family.

I was unable to get ny news around Christmas and New Years and I know it’s late, but our church has to brag on the Christmas program “Walking In His Footsteps.” It was presented before a large crowd. Judy Hall was the director and the narrators were Faye Allen and Pastor Riley Hall. The cast who did such a good job were Narvil Tetrick, Sheila Miller, Kolton Davis, Joan Burkdoll, Ramona Henning, Hailey and Jackson Beard, Dylan Miller and Wyatt Young. Our appreciation goes out to the workers behind the scenes and the men who got that big wagon inside the church. It was great.

We ask that you remember all the prayer requests as there were many, Harley Allen as he goes for more tests for his eyes, Tom Elliott is also having tests and Kenny and Molita Myers need your prayers.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from I Chronicles, chapter 13, David left the ark of the covenant with a man named Obededom and when they were going to move it, Obededom and his family went with them. We are to stay close to the ark of the covenant. If the church is not important to you then it won’t be important to the children.

In our evening service, special songs were by Pauline Welker and Wanda Casady, also by the group made up of Faye Allen, Joie Welker, Wanda Casady, Narvil Tetrick and Brenda Hampel.

The evening message was from Acts 17. As Paul was talking to the men of Athens saying they should seek God. Some believed and some laughed and some wanted to hear more. In today’s world it’s the same. We are joint aires of God and He is our creator.

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