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The last few days have been beautiful, sunny days for January.  We still have a couple of months in which we could get very cold weather.  We need to continue to pray for moisture.  We don’t want to start this year as dry as this.

We made a trip to Independence, a couple of weeks ago, for Jerry’s brother-in-law, Leland Peters.  The day of the funeral was a nice day for driving up there.  Our daughter Teresa, drove us in her car and had no problems getting there at all.  He and wife Lola, have left behind two daughters, Linda and Brenda and four grandchildren, who they love dearly and will be so missed by them.

I talked to Darryl and Betty Hesterlee the last two days, to see how Darryl’s mom was doing.  His mom is in the nursing home in Ozark and in need of prayer as I write this.  Her name is Myrtle Marsh and Sister Betty thought she was in a coma-like state yesterday.  We sure missed them Sunday.

We had a wonderful church service Sunday.  We had Gideon Ted and Beverly Cain and their friends, whom I didn’t know, that were also with the Gideons.  Brother Cain spoke and had a testimonial on film, taken at a Springfield convention and it was so very anointed, that I wished everyone could hear it.

Sunday night service was very good also.  We had guests from out of town.  The man played the horn beautifully and she worked in a school doing and teaching the deaf sign language, which she did for Sister Lena Hutchison as she sang.  I spoke to them after service and he said he had come there to church when it was the Assembly of God Church and Brother Carl Willis was the pastor and Brother Darrel Friend was there holding a revival.  I told him that I received Christ during Brother Friend’s revival.  Whether it was the same one I don’t know. I heard sometime ago , that Brother Darrel had died and of course Brother Willis has been gone a long time.

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Brother Ralph Call, Brother Michael Young and Brother Ross Martin and  Brother James and Sister Debra McHaffie a Happy Anniversary.

The McHaffie’s were not there Sunday, their oldest daughter was in labor at the hospital, having a little girl, which makes four little ones for them.

We met Brother Joe and Sister Barbara Martin at Oldfield Opry Saturday night.  They were having an early show with the Robertson family, as their early guests. It was good to see so many of them on the stage and they all either play instruments or sing or both.  They’re wasn’t enough seats and people were standing wherever they could.  The regular show was good also.  Leonard Robertson did the speaking for them.

I very much enjoyed the music in our church and we have a lot, especially Sunday night.

We gave away more quilts and are making some more.  We now meet on Wednesday at 9 ..  Our Bible study is at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, coming in at 5 p.m. to pray.  We have been studying from the book of Acts and enjoyed all the comments thru this study. For our Sunday school on Sunday morning, our teacher Sister Sheryl will be teaching on prayer for the next month.  We all need this teaching.

We invite anyone to come and visit any of our services.  God bless you.

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