Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Happy 2013, I hope the New Year is treating you mighty fine. We brought in the start of the year at church the way it should be done. We started with getting together and having a wonderful meal. This of course led into some visiting. After a little clean-up, everyone gathered in the main room and we sang lots of songs. I played the piano for a while and Tammy Gunter played some songs. Juanita, Sarah and Abbby helped to lead the singing. We had lots of help from some of the other young ladies too; Rayna and Grace, the front of the church was full. It sounded good to have so many helping sing, Next, we had several read poems and then we had a game by Patty Nelson. At this time they were ready to move on to something else, but I have to admit I was a party pooper and had to go home and hit the hay I was sleepy and it was past my bedtime. I think I may have made it to midnight once or twice in my life. I did hear several say they had a great time.

This weekend we had a wedding at our church. Miss Maddie Hampton has become Mrs. Boyd. It was a beautiful day and the bride looked so lovely. The church house was full of people wishing Maddie and Kelby the best of their new life together. And like Jon preached Sunday night, now is the time for all of us to start praying for them starting out on this new journey together in this world. We as family and church family are very proud of this young couple.

Sunday Donald was there to bring us a message, but he was worried about his mother-in-law. Miss Violet had a very bad spell right before he left to church. Even with her being sick she still sent presents to a few people that she hadn’t gotten presents to yet. The lady is a very special lady. We need to remember her in our prayers. We know that she is ready for heaven, when God is ready for her, but we want her days on earth to be the best days possible.

Sunday night Jon brought the message for us. I always enjoy hearing him bring the word of God to us. This is a young man who also can use our prayers, as he strives to serve God and spread His word. Bud and I get to sing with him, and God truly blessed him with a talent of a good voice. If you haven’t heard him maybe this year of 2013 will be the year that you will get to.

I have been to see my mother and she seems to be doing very well. I bought her some new clothes and gowns so she should be looking very stylish. But I know my mother and comfort is worth more, so I did buy for comfort. We also saw Bob and he seemed to be in good spirits. He was looking for Benny and Dee to come and see him. My granddaughter, Alexis, had her 3rd brithday Saturday. They had her a party and we and several others attended. She got lots of nice presents, and her and Braxton were having a blast playing with new toys. It was like Christmas all over.

Well, if you ever feel like you have nothing to do, come to Eastern Gate. We would love to have you and there is almost always something going on or coming up.