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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season. There wer lots of places to go and hear the true story of the birth of Jesus. We had our play the 15th and were glad to have a large crowd come out to see our kids put on their program. The youth had worked hard and did a good job. We are very proud of them. It also takes several adults and we appreciate their hard work too. After the program we finished with bags of candy, nectarines and snacks. So, of course everyone sat around and did some visiting.

Sunday night the 16th, we did an old-fashioned family Christmas. We all gathered around the front of the church and sang some carols, read some poems then Donald read the Christmas story. We also had a few Christmas wishes shared for each other. It was a good evening and of course we finished with soup, chili and desserts.

The next Saturday night, we went up to Highlonesome and watched their program. Dustin, Tina and their three kids were in their program, and you know I was going to go watch my grandkids.

I know everyone has a hectic time this time of year, but never get too busy for God. There wouldn’t be a Christmas if we didn’t have the birth of Jesus. I heard that message brought out several times this season and I hope you did to.

Violet felt well enough to make it to our program and even has made it to church a few times. It is so good to see her feeling better. I was sick last Sunday and didn’t make it to church and was surprised with a gift when Roger came home. Miss Violet had made me a present and I really appreciate it.

We do still have some out of church because of illness, Jimmy and Alice are both sick. Wanda says she is better, just having trouble getting over the sinus part of this stuff. Maybe our wish for the New Year should be that everyone can get-well and be back in church.

I have had several Christmas gatherings. I started with my nephew, Shaun and Sarah Fossett; Howard and Phyllis; Shawn and Miranda coming out for a little get-together. The next day Roger and I took presents to the nursing home and checked on everyone. Sunday was Christmas with my kids and grandkids. We had good food and played minutes to win it, which my granddaughters really enjoyed. Monday we went to my brother, Howard’s and enjoyed Christmas with them. Christmas day we just relaxed at home.

Donald preached this morning about making New Year resolutions, he said something about how long they lasted or didn’t last. But, the main thing he wanted to bring out was maybe our New Year should start with all of us making the decision to be better Christians. This is something all of us should consider.

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