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Dogwood Ramblings

A little bit of excitement here last week with an ambulance ride to Mercy Hospital, far too many tests, enough blood drawn to revive a small pet, no food or water, especially water, for 24 hours.  But, they say my heart is OK and the left arm travelling pains probably came from cervical neck nerves.  They let me go home but now I need to see my GP in Springfield and have more tests, that is, if they can find any more blood!

Rumors abound over the closing of KFC/Long John’s in Ava.  Some of them are pretty gory, some believable.  It would have been better if they had given a notice to the Herald explaining what and why instead of having people wonder, and making guesses.  I didn’t go there often but a bit of fish is supposed to be healthy, even if fried in oil.

Lou Williams says her mother and brother, Francis and Sherwood Aid, are still in the nursing home but she says they are improving.  Please keep them in your prayers.  I imagine they are sick and tired of hospital beds and round the clock monitoring.

It is that time of year for paperwork, getting ready to file with the IRS.  I only work on this a couple hours at a time, for myself and for my son.  Just when I think I have the totals for each category, another receipt pops up to annoy me.  Bookkeeping is not my favorite thing to do so it is a good thing I work on it every couple of weeks throughout the year.  Otherwise, I’d go bonkers.

Have a good week, be well, and stay safe.  Pray for this nation…we are in need of many prayers!

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