Dogwood Ramblings

Ryan, our third son, lives in California.  Perhaps some of you know Ron, Rory and Randy as they live in Douglas Co.  One of Ryan’s daughters gave birth this week to her third child, a little girl.  So, that makes five grandchildren for Ryan, eleven great grandchildren for me.  So, the family grows as it should.

The flu bug has ravaged so many of us but, hopefully, is on the wane.  It sure made Christmas a difficult one here.  The weather has been something else, mostly cold.  There was an accident on Hwy 14 when a young mother with three little ones in her SUV struck a mail box on her way from Ava to Arkansas – some moderate damage to her SUV but after Randy did a bit of work on the vehicle, she was able to be on her way.

Lou Williams tells me that her mother, Frances Aid and her brother, Sherwood, are still at Heart of the Ozarks and they are both showing improvement. Please do keep them in your prayers for healing.

If you have any household appliances or other usable things just sitting around, please donate them to the Jon Nelson family by calling Jamey Herd at 683-2364.  One neighbor has a washer and dryer she is donating, and some clothing. Hopefully this family will be settled in soon.  I know what it is to lose one’s home to fire.  When that happened here, all the local churches and neighbors were helpful.