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Those of you who read this column perhaps recall that I was quite ill over Thanksgiving, three weeks of upper respiratory problems.  So, I truly looked forward to Christmas with family surrounding me, lots of good food and conversation and memories.  Well!  Christmas Eve day the flu struck, big time.  I am so very grateful to Rachelle and her friend Erik, and to all the ladies of my family who helped with cleaning, preparation, setting tables, serving, and best of all, doing all the clean up afterwards while, once again, I was ensconced on one end of the couch.  I don’t think any of them knew just how weak I was, light headed and weak-kneed every time I got off the couch.  (They did forget to turn on the tree lights but that is OK) When I do not get to Mass or to my job you can be sure I am ill.  I called around to see if others could fill in for me to play the music and learned that they were ill as well.  This struck like lightning, fast and furious, and I am allergic to the flu shot.  The upside of this, I lost a few pounds.

Even though I pleaded with family and friends for no gifts, several ignored that and nice gifts were received.  All they received from me were tins of cookies however, everyone seemed to have a good time and many said it was the best Christmas meal ever.  Arlene said she could taste the rum in the mince meat pie.  Of course, the rum bakes away but it sure enhances the flavor.  Since then I made a big pot of turkey soup as well as a big pot of ham and beans.  They are so good to have on hand.

Francis Aid and her son, Sherwood are both presently in the nursing home in Ava for therapy.  That accident a few weeks ago did a lot of damage.  Please do keep them in your prayers for healing. No updated news on the Jon Nelson family following the loss of their home by fire.

Several months ago I stopped purchasing the Sunday edition of the News Leader as the price went up overnight from $2 to $3 and the bulk of the paper was advertising.  Apparently many others did the same thing as the price has now dropped to $2.  That is still a steep price for a crossword puzzle and twisted news that rarely reflects anything happening in Douglas Co.   Today is Dec. 31st so many will be partying tonight, drinking and driving, etc.  It seems common sense goes out of the window (if it existed in the first place) and we can only hope nothing drastic occurs.

Be safe, keep well, and pray for our nation.

PLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH: from the desk of Jamey Herd. This is the last day of 2012. It is hard to believe the year is gone already. Let us pray that 2013 will be a better year for all of us.

I finally made it back to church yesterday. I am still not over this bug but much better than I was. A New Year’s Eve watch night service is planned for tonight. With snow or freezing rain predicted for today I am not sure if they will still have the service.

Jon and Elaina Nelson lost everything to a fire of their home three weeks ago. They are fixing an older mobile home to live in. They are still looking for some furniture items and appliances. They still haven’t found a wood heater for the home. If you have anything to donate to this family please give me a call with details at 683-2364.

Our daughter, Janice and husband Robert and children Kara and Kyle came in from Towanda, Kansas to have Christmas with us this past weekend. We went to son, Ron Herd’s, on Saturday.  Daughter Susan and her family of Carl Junction were there. Son Don had to work so was unable to join us. We had a wonderful day with the kids but sure had a hairy drive to get to Ron’s. Ron lives just north of Rogersville. We went around by Sparta to get there. Highway 14 had a lot of snow and ice on it and we almost ended up in a hollow up close to Bruner. I don’t know why the highway department doesn’t do more to our section of Highway 14. When we got to Sparta the roads were clear the rest of the way. I am so thankful the Lord was watching over us as we could have been seriously hurt or killed.

I don’t have a lot of news as I‘ve mostly been home trying to get over this Bronchitis. With the laryngitis I’ve not talked to people on the phone either. So I will wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Hopefully I will have more news next time.

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