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Brrr! Winter is here this morning. A little snow, a little ice and a whole lot of cold. I am not a winter person as most folks I talk to. I have to remind myself that snow is good for nitrogen that is good for the soil and plant life. That is just like our walk with god. Even though we go through trials we don’t understand, our all knowing God knows what we need for our spiritual health to grow. It may be unpleasant and we don’t like it, but He sees the whole picture and directs our path to meet our needs. We have to put our trust in Him who is able to keep us for we alone can’t do it.

Sunday school is opened with the reading of Ecclesiastes the 3rd chapter. Sister Clara Lafferty gave the opening prayer and we proceeded on with our lesson take from I Corinthians chapter 5. Paul is writing this epistle reminding them the law prohibits them from eating with sinners – fornicators idolaters railers, drunkards and extortioners in verse 11. Paul tells them the Gentiles follow these commandments and wouldn’t even consider doing some of the works that they were doing. In verse 2 he tells them “they were puffed up and mourned that he that has done these sins be taken from them.” If we are to lead souls to Christ we need to watch our deeds and come out to be separate from the world. If we carry on in our sins we are not helping anyone including ourselves. We are not to judge those who do these sins especially when either we are doing them or covering for those who are. What the Bible teaches us is we need a Savior because of all us are guilty of sin and breaking the mosiac law. If we break one commandment we have broken them all. I have always heard if you point a finger you’ll have four pointing right back at yourself. If a brother or sister has fallen back don’t ignore their sin but pray for them and seek God’s help in what to say or do to help them get back on the righteous path. We all have sinned and strayed at one time or another. In whatever we do we must follow God’s leading in helping that person and pray for strength that we do His will in all things. In so doing, we must strive to point all men, women, boys and girls to Christ. Without Him we all would be doomed to hell and eternal seperation from God. Love the person, not the sin.

Our service went into congregational singing with doing some old and new ones from our new books. I am so thankful that we were able to get them. Sister Sue Thomas’ piano talent and her husband Ronnie with his annointed bass voice are such a blessing to us. We are so thankful for their help. It was good to see Larry Eugene Lafferty and his family there today. He has such a beautiful wife, Lisa, and three of the best kids in the world, Cole, Mason and Jacob. I might be a little prejudice since these are my nephews, niece by marriage and great nephews. Mason played us a piano solo after Susie Sisco sang. That should be every Christian’s desire. I fall so short and am so thankful for a loving, merciful and forgiving God through his son Jesus Christ. Praise, honor and glory to my Savior and my God.

Brother Cub took the sermon message from I Peter the 2nd chapter. It tells us to follow the laws of the land as well as the teaching of God’s word thereby pointing them to Jesus Christ – the chief cornerstone is precious, but to the unbeliever and disobedient He is an offence and a stone of stumbling. The believer falls or leans on that rock for help and the rock falls on and crushes the unbelieving. I would rather stand on Jesus Christ the Rock for this is my help and my guide. My prayer is that we all respect and love God with all our hearts. Lord help us to witness to those who continue rejecting the gospel and Jesus Christ’s saving power. Help those who are lost that they may be found by accepting Jesus as their Savior.

Everyone have a blessed week. Be kind and give a smile to someone each day. You never know how much this little deed could do to make a big difference in someone’s life. God bless you all.

P.S. Breedon will dismiss evening services starting January 20 until the first of March because of the cold weather.

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