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1-6-13. It is chilly this morning, but yet a beautiful sunny day. Every day is beautiful when you go to sleep then wake up with Jesus.

Today our Sunday school lesson is taken from I Corinthians 4. To summarize it – we are to be wise and faithful in the minstering of the gospel of Christ. Not puffed up with pride and not judging. Sister Sue Thomas brought up a wonderful point that would be something we all should remember in our Christian walk. If we as a congregation have someone who comes into our worship place that has done a lot of bad sins, we should praise God that we have not had to deal with those sins and their consequences. Rather than judge them, we should pray that Jesus Christ sets them free. If we judge them we make ourselves a stumbling block and actually hinder them coming to Christ.

Our service changed with learning some new congregational songs from our new books. We had a great time in the Lord and the Holy Spirit was amongst us. Specials were sung by David Williams, Wilma Hampton and Susie Sisco along with Susie’s sister, June Durden and nephew, David, Eric Lafferty joined them in singing.  Brother Cub Lafferty, Ronnie Thomas and Susie Sisco sang the final special.

We entered into Bro. Cub taking the message from the first chapter of St. John. The preparation of Jesus is given by John. He was paving the path letting the people know he wasn’t the Savior, but the word became flesh and He was among them. He who made the world, yet the world knew Him not. He is here even today to give peace and joy. He is still ready to save, just ask Him to fogrive you and come into your heart. It is free.

Remember this Friday night, January 11, is our monthly singing. Everyone is welcome. Bring a song, some food and the willingness to have sweet fellowship.

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