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Bethany Baptist Church

Work continues on the exterior of the building and the church voted to do certain other repairs and improvements when the money came in to do so. Those plans included putting new lights in the fellowship room. The carpet in the pastor’s office is to be replaced. The driveway is to be repaired down at the street and the existing pavement is to be resealed. Maintenance and updating the building and grounds is an ongoing thing.

The church also voted to take on a new missionary family, Dr. Mickey and Kim Huse, whose ministry is to “Strengthen Independent Baptist Churches Across America.” He does this by teaching churches and pastors, providing them materials, and assisting them in self-evaluation and in making plans of action. His goal is to keep church doors open across America.

Sunday morning is always a busy time at Bethany Baptist Church. The young people of the Youth Choir meet to practice at 9:15 and the men meet for prayer at 9:30 all before Sunday school at 10:00. The Worship service is at 11:00. Some people come back at 4:15 PM for specials practice, then the Jubilee Singers do their practice afterward. The Ladies meet for prayer at 5:15 and the evening service starts at 6:00. The Jubilee Singers started on the Easter music last Sunday evening. That seems early, but Easter is not so far off.

There will be a Pizza and Movie Night this Friday evening starting at 5:30 PM at the church. Let Pastor Bob and Darlene know if you are coming so they will know how much pizza to make.

All through the Bible there are declarations about the holiness of God and a call for his people to “be holy.” (1 Peter 1:15-16)  If you “fear God,” standing in awe of His holiness it will produce certain changes in your life. Holiness is associated with a hatred for every false way, of the pride, arrogance, evil communications, and the wickedness that the Bible says is an abomination to the Lord. A regard for the holiness of God will result in a humbling of self. When the Old Testament prophets like Moses and Abraham and New Testament saints like John the Baptist and Paul came into the presence of God they expressed their own unworthiness. They saw themselves as but “dust and ashes,” “chief of sinners,” and “not worthy.” None of these men ever bragged about their own holiness. Holiness will cause a great compassion for sinners. The whole purpose of Jesus coming to the earth was to seek and save the lost. Jesus’ heart was broken for sinners. Your heart should be broken about sinners dying and going to hell. Holiness will lead to a greater desire to see the Lord Jesus Christ. Our love for Jesus Christ and his righteousness (holiness) is tied to keeping the commandments. The seeking of the pleasures and the wealth of this world will become less important as you draw closer to the Lord. Do not let anything keep you from a glimpse of the holiness of God.

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