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Bethany Baptist Church

The attendance at Bethany Baptist Church was still low because of the serious rash of colds, flu, and other illnesses. First one member of a family would be sick and then another. However, there were some of the faithful who were well enough to attend the regular Wednesday and Sunday services. Guests were welcomed at each service.

The January calendar was handed out with several events scheduled to take place. There is a “church work day,” 9 AM, Saturday, January 5. People, who will volunteer to do so will vacuum, clean and dust in addition to making whatever repairs that are needed. Monday, the Young Women N Christ meet after school. Tuesday, January 8 the church is scheduled to host the Chamber Luncheon at noon. The Semi-annual business meeting is to be held, Wednesday evening and the Ladies Bible Study is to be held Thursday, January 10.

Sunday, December 30, the church had the Fifth Sunday Fellowship Supper at 5 PM followed by music and testimonies. Sally Sorensen played a nice arrangement. The “Whosoever Will’s” sang a couple of songs, the Youth Choir sang a special, and Darlene Sorensen and Sally sang a couple of songs. Accompaniments were played by Darlene Sorensen on mandolin, Dan Stillings on guitar, and Norma Stillings at the piano.

Norma Stillings sang a special song in the morning service. Pastor Bob Sorensen’s message was “Happy New Year, Bethany Baptist Church!”

With so much that is discouraging in America, today, how can we be happy? Happiness does not depend upon happenings but upon the joy and peace that can only come from a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Happiness rests in knowing forgiveness. Jesus has paid all the sin debt with his own blood. When you have accepted his sacrifice, there is no overhanging guilt for sin.

There is happiness in helping others, in having mercy upon the poor. Happiness comes from overcoming temptations, and they can be overcome by resisting the tempter. Happiness comes from looking for Jesus to come again with a clear conscience and a joyful expectation of the soul’s bright home that awaits with Him. Being obedient to God’s Word, fearing God, walking in His ways, being humble, resisting pride, enduring hardship, and even suffering for righteousness sake will all result in happiness when these are done in love for God. It is a wonderful thing to be chosen by God and caused to approach unto him when he has purged our sins (Psalm 65).

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