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I’ve been staying in out of the cold and hopefully avoiding all the sickness going around.

Barb, Jack and Miracle were here recently bringing me some goodies to eat, and visiting.

Bob and Susie have been down a few times recently, bringing wood and filling my wood box and also bringing some homemade bread and other good food.

Nora, my sis, calls me about everyday after she calls and checks on Violet and Hugh. I appreciate hearing how they are feeling. Bob and Linda visited with Barb, Jackand Miracle on Thursday.

Bob and Linda keep my birds and squirrels fed. I enjoy watching the birds from my dining room window.

Granddaughter, Roben, calls every other day or so to check on me.

Happy Birthday to Owen Barcus.

Hello to all my friends and family away from here.

Until next week, God bless all.

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