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Our menu for this week includes:  Monday, January 7—Cheeseburger and fixings, savory potatoes, cake.  Tuesday, January 8—Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, beets, bread, jell-o with fruit.  Wednesday, January 9—Cashew chicken, rice, egg roll, Oriental vegetables, cookie.  Thursday, January 10—Pork roast, dressing, gravy, cheesy cauliflower, cobbler.  Friday, January 11—Polish sausage, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, pudding.

Happy birthday last week to Margaret Brill, Ruth Evans, Thelma Philpott, Paulette Waggle, Sherry Waters, Sharon Wise, Sue Robirds and Juanita Shebiel on January 1, happy birthday to Dwayne Davis on January 2, and happy birthday to Sybil Gheer on January 5.

The activities for this week include:  Monday—Tai Chi exercise class 10:30, OATS bus to Springfield.  Tuesday—OATS bus to adjoining county.  Wednesday—Pinochle tournament, OATS bus rural Ava to Ava.  Thursday—Driver’s exam in the basement.  Friday—Tai Chi exercise class 10:30, OATS bus rural Ava to Ava.

Many seniors suffering from high blood pressure try to manage their salt intake by using salt substitutes.  But these substitutes are not a healthy option because some contain potassium chloride, and potassium in excess can be harmful.  It is recommended that people who have kidney problems or take medication for heart, kidney or liver disease check with their doctor before taking salt substitutes.

Salt alternative could be garlic powder, fresh ground pepper, lemon juice, flavored vinegar, herb blends, cumin, tarragon and oregano.

Happy birthdays go out this week to Gene Hoggard and Earl Martin on January 8, Peggy Robinson on January 11 and Pauline Murrill on January 12.

Until next week, have a good one!

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