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We started our service with our bluegrass band singing hymns and worshiping our Lord and Saviour. We had special prayer for David Melton who had to have his appendix removed around midnight Saturday night and also all the ones who is battling sickness and couldn’t be with us this morning. Todd and Andrea Carter of Marriage by Design were with us this morning Andrea sang a song, which we enjoyed very much . We should be the light of Christ that the world sees through us. Todd brought the message to us this morning called Todd’s perspective or God’s perspective from Luke 23- 39-43, which he talked about the two thieves on the cross with Jesus. The first thief perspective was insulting, cussing, and saying  if you really are the Son of God then why do we have to go through all this pain. He had a hard heart and when we really look at it, that is our human nature. The second thief perspective was to first tell the other one to shut up and to say we are getting what we deserve and to look to Christ and say remember me when you come into your kingdom. Christ takes you where you are at right now, all you have to have is a repentant heart and believe Christ is the Son of God. Christ died to save us period, but don’t use that thinking I will wait till the last moment to turn to Christ. Brother Todd gave a good illustration about drivers on a mountain road that was asked how close can you get to the edge without going over a 10 mile drop. The first driver said he could get within a quarter inch of the drop without going over. The second driver said he could get within a half inch without going over. The third driver said he hugged the mountain wall and he had a foot without going over, who would you ride with? Brother Todd also talked about being a Christian atheist where we come and listen to the Word but never do anything with it. God’s perspective is to pray first and man’s perspective is to pray as a last hope. We enjoyed Brother Todd very much.

Brother Todd and Sister Andrea will be holding our annual marriage retreat at Branson February 1 and 2. The sign-up sheet is at the hub, make plans to attend if possible, you will enjoy it.

Next Sunday night we will be having Brother Tim Stowe with us giving his testimony of how God has healed him and changed his life. He is called a miracle man by doctors, come hear this man if possible.

Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning with Sunday School at 10 for all ages Children’s church at 11:00 also. Sunday night services at 6:00, Wednesday night prayer and Bible study at 7:00. Come and be with us if you don’t have a home church.

Thought for the week; If a care is too small to be made into a prayer, it is too small to be made into a burden.

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