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It was a cold morning, but still a good day to worship our God. We had a good time of fellowship before our Pastor gave a few annoucements, which were men’s encounter Feb 22-24. It will be a life changing event, sign up at the hub and make plans to go. Also our fourth annual marriage retreat will  be Feb 1 with Tod and Andrea Carter . We are also starting a teen Sunday school class ages 13-18 in the Church upper room January 6th at 10 a.m. Our Pastor brought us a great message this morning on three kinds of faith from James 2-14-17, James 2-18-19, and also James 2-21-26. The three kinds of faith he brought out were a dead faith, a demoniac faith and a dynamic faith. . A dead faith substiutes words for works. Just talking takes the place of actually doing anything for God. Our works should follow our faith. We have a obligation to help those we see in need. To help someone is a expression of our love and faith. We do more talking about helping than what we do. A true saving faith is never by itself, it will bring life and action. No one can come to Christ and remain the same dead faith lulls us into a false sense of complancey.The next kind of faith Pastor Buddy brought out was a demoniac faith, where we can believe and tremble and still not have a saving faith. Faith without works is useless, the enemy wants to hold us down and make us useless. Our life needs to reveal the life of Christ. The last kind of faith Pastor Buddy brought out was a dynamic faith, which is real and has the power of God in it . It is so  important to have faith in the right thing if we have faith in Jesus. True dynamic faith involves the whole man, just read Hebrews the 11th chapter to see what true men of faith did. True dynamic faith will drive us to action and will involve our minds, emotions, and our will. It will also make us obedient to do what God wants. Pastor did an awesome job this morning and the Spirit of God moved all of us . If you are looking  for something to change your life, I  would challenge you to come and hear the Word of God at Ava Assembly. Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning with Sunday School at 10:00 for all ages, Sunday night at 6:00 and Wednesday night prayer and Bible study at 7:00

Thought for the week;  Faith  without works is like a car without gas.

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