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Sydnee Freeman spent Saturday night with her great-frandmother, Bonnie Phipps, her parents picked her us Sunday afternoon.

I called my cousin, Lulubell Bellew, last Monday and wished her a Happy Birthday, she lives in Urbana, MO.

I took my news in and some eggs then I mailed some packages off.

I went to my O.E.S. meeting that night.

I went to town last Tuesday and mailed a big package off then I went by the Coonce’s home to see Jett and Kendra before headingout of town and I stopped at the nursing home and tried to see some of the ladies there, but they were taking the flu so I left and went by Patty Kraft’s to see how she was doing before coming on home.

I received .1 of an inch of rain in my gauge Wednesday, .3 of an inch Thursday and .6 of an inch Saturday.

Tara brought Jett over Wednesday and that evening I went to Dick Richards visitation.

Tara brought Jett over Thursday, Mary Blakey came and picked up her family Blakey books.

George and Violet stopped by after they went to Dick Richards funeral.

Nina Carter and daughter , Beth, stopped by on their way home from the airport.

Carol Moore and Hellen Blakey went with Tom and Mary Martha Williams to their O.E.S. meeting in Theodosia,

Friday I was back in town and got some medicine and went by and saw Anita Smith and she is coming along just fine after her all. I stopped by the nursing home and everyone seemed to be doing better.

George and Violet stopped Saturday morning and left a piece of paper that they cut out of their paper then they went on into town to get groceries before it turned bad.

Cathy Cornett called me later and said Howard Gott had died. I didn’t go to church Sunday because I was coming down with a head cold and it was cold, I guess I will get out and get me some medicine for it tomorrow.

Lets keep all those prayers going for all our sick folks. My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Dick Richards and Howard Gott families and all the others that have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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