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All Around Bradleyville

Normal weather, cold, not so cold, warm, freezing, like the old saying, if you don’t like the weather stick around for a day or two, it will change. Son David lives on Maui, and if I ever ask him what the weather is like, he answers the same, wonderful . Eighty degree weather every day and seventy degree weather every night. Now of course, nobody is alike and that would get very boring to a lot of people. David loves it and I would like to see how long it would take me to get tired of it, or if I would.

Son-in-law Scott Lawson is in San Antonio, Texas, in his third week of basic training for the Air National Guard, and has been able to call home three times so far to talk to Julie. He is doing good but says he would appreciate everyone’s prayers. Of course he misses his family and they miss him. Garrett has a picture folder with his daddy’s picture in it and a video of him and Daddy wrestling in the floor and one reading a book to him. It was after Scott joined that he and Julie found out they were expecting twins and of course we are all hoping he will be finished with his training and tech school in time to be home for their births.

Bob and I attended the memorial service for Larry Soutee last Saturday at KSE Funeral Home at Forsyth. David Koenig officiated and several of those attending shared memories of Larry. It was a very nice service and the military part of a service always makes me cry, it is so solemn and special.

It was Youth Night Sunday night at New Mansion Church and the younger youth group put on a very good skit about Moses, Pharaoh and the 10 plagues. It was very entertaining too, to see the costumes the kids were wearing. Some of them were uncomfortable like Hunter Chamber’s costume which was large balls of hail made from aluminum foil with some battery powered red lights hanging from around his neck to symbolize fire. Some had plastic grasshoppers attached, some had plastic spiders (to represent lice in the absence of plastic lice) or plastic frogs, but no matter what costume they had to wear they all did an awesome job.

Ballgames this week include a high school game at home with Dora on Friday, January 25 for both the boys and girl’s teams. Both the boys and girls will also play at Norwood on Tuesday, January 29. The Pee Wees will play Plainview at home on Thursday, January 24 and then next week the Pee Wee boys will play in the Taneyville Tournament.

Birthdays for the coming week include: January 24: Jonathon Blakey, LaDonna Johnson, Trinity Hunsaker, Maya Saffle; January 25: Emmett Dalton, Sherry Day, Linda Wiggins; January 26: Kim Gideon, Zach Hunsaker, Donna Sloan, Shirley Gott Stoecker; January 27: Derrick Puckett; January 28: Buddy Compton, Carol Hunsaker, Trent McHaffie, Jamie Miller; January 29: Job Krause, Jake Robertson; January 30: Kevin Compton, Seth Rogers.

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