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All Around Bradleyville

Fair weather in the forecast, but everyone knows it can change so fast around here. Some want snow in the worst way, I am in the group that doesn’t want snow at all, and would be happy if it was sixty degrees all winter.

Of course, I’m looking forward to springtime. Bob bought a new tractor to put in the woods but I am going to kidnap it this spring to plow a new garden spot and maybe move some stuff around in the yard. I may even get a great big rock to put in my yard since there will be no excuse not to with all that new horsepower.

Bradleyville students went back to school this last Tuesday, ending their Christmas break. It seems like it was longer than usual but I was told it was just one day longer. The kids keep a very accurate count of the days they go to school and the days they get to stay home. Now the wishing for snow days and the end of the school year begins.

Ballgames will be Friday, January 11 when the high school boys play at Mansfield, and the boys will play January 14-19 in the Mark Twain Conference Tournament at Bradleyville this year. The high school girls will play at Forsyth Thursday, January 10 and the girls will also play in the Mark Twain Conference Tournament January 14-19.

The Pee Wee teams will start play this week with a game at home on Friday, January 11 with Thornfield. The Pee Wees will have a game at Chadwick on Tuesday, January 15 and then another game on Thursday, January 17 at Taneyville. I have been know to make mistakes in the schedule and sometimes the schedule changes so please check with the school if you need to make sure.

Condolences to the family of Robert Chaney who passed away last week. I know he will be missed by all his family and friends. Robert was one of those people who could and would do just about anything to help anybody who needed it.

A special Happy Birthday wish to Gladys Johnson who had her 91st birthday this past weekend.

Birthdays for the coming week include: January 9: Darla Day, J.D. Day, Gale Osburn; January 11: Greg Blair, Bill Dalton, Peggy Krause; January 12: Denise Flanigan, Everett Sartin; January 14: Kaitlyn Hunsaker, Corey Ridings; January 15: Linda Black, Jim Crouch, Manny Nelson.

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