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Last Weeks News – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas time as decorations show and stores are full of bright colors and tinsel, a time of giving and holiday traveling.

Anniversary wishes to Orville and Vena Shaeffer in Springfield on December 1st, former residents at Lilly Ridge area.

Our prayers and best wishes for Marsha Lyon who had surgery Monday in Cox Hospital in Springfield.

Happy Birthday to Tyler Pitcock in Fair Grove who had a December 8th birthday. Also December 14th his Dad, Lyndon, has his birthday. Neoma Moody celebrates her December 14th birthday along with Lyndon. Mearl Satterfield has a December 16th birthday on Sunday.

Lyndon and Tyler came from Fair Grove and did some repair work for me on Saturday.

The Christmas program was held Sunday night and had good attendance, with refreshments following in the fellowship hall.

Harry and Loretta Davidson had their 60th wedding anniversary this Wednesday, December 12th.

As these news are written a special person, Barney Douglas, is in serious condition in Baxter County Regional Hospital. Our prayers are for him and his family.

Dave and Karen Davis stopped by Monday morning on their way into town, and to doctor’s appointment in Mountain Home.

Theresa Bridges visited her mother, Ernestine Gaddy, over the weekend and attended church with her Sunday.

Eidth McKinnon is having health problems and we wish her better health.

Helen and Jim Conardy had Helen’s granddaughter, Megan Owens, and husband, Thomas, and their children stopped by to see them as they were on their way home to Salem, Missouri. They had been to Branson over the weekend.

Gainesville Chapter 432 of Eastern Star met this Monday evening for their regular meeting. Barney and Doris will be missed in our midst as they wer faithful members.

News of the passing of my son, Marlyn’s father-in-law in Conway Springs, Kansas reaches us Saturday. The family has our sympathy. Memorial services will be this week.

The daughter of E.W. and Ina Friend, Regina Kirk, is a patient in Cox Hospital and needs our continuing prayers.

News from Ginger Peters in Pennsville, New Jersey was that her location wasn’t affected by the hurricane last month.

I was reading postal rates were increased one per cent up to 8 cent per ounce 75 years ago. At this time in history a stamp goes up to 46 cents on January 1st. Shipping packages is getting to be too expensive, so we must limit what we mail.

As news is scarce this week we will hope to have more to write about next week.

This Weeks News – With so much going on, and a lot of bad news, it is still the best news to hear the repeated gift we all have with the birth of the Savior we all share each Christmas time, and the whole year through.

News reached us that June DeWeese passed away at the nursing home. She touched the lives of a lot of folks who knew her.

Best wishes to Barney Douglas who was transported by ambulance from Baxter County Regional Medical Center Sunday afternoon to Gainesville Health Care.

Best wishes also to Warren Moody who was taken by ambulance Sunday afternoon to Ozark Medical Center in West Plains because of symptoms of pneumonia.

It’s a good time of the year receiving Christmas greetings from friends far and near.

Mearl and Beulah Satterfield had their son Roger and his daughter, and Doug and Karen Livingston with their son, Austin with them at church Sunday and to visit them for Mearl’s 80th birthday.

Phyllis Hollingsworth visited the Christian Church where her daughter, Glenda Douglas, sang in a Cantata Sunday. She was present in her Sunday school class at Lilly Ridge earlier, also Sunday night services.

Tammy Childress, from Jefferson City visited her mother, Ernestine Gaddy, and attended church with her Sunday.

Our prayers are with LaWanda Poe who we heard is very ill.

Also for Bob Bryant who needs our prayers.

Concern is for the families who suffered losses in the terrible school tragedies in CT. and others in the world.

Kathy Woolery, of Udall, is seriously ill and is wished an improvement in her health.

Friendly Neighbor Club met Thursday, the 13th and filled sacks of Christmas goodies to deliver. Present were Maxine Smith, Lily Branco, Linnie Ingram, Edith McKinnon, Lynn Bentele and President Karen N. Davis. We sent Christmas cards to other members who couldn’t attend. We agreed to have our monthly meetings only when a program could be scheduled.

It was interesting to read of the hobby of a couple in Tennessee, collecting 19,000 coffee cups. He carefully hangs them in a building on nails in the wall. A man was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records, as he had 6,352 diiferent cups. The Tennessee couple have some duplicates.

While fishing in a bass tournament on Pigeon Creek Lake Saturday Bob Bryant fell in their boat  and broke his leg. He is in Baxter County Regional Medical Center. Our best wishes are for his recovery.

Marcia Lyon had serious surgery in Cox Hospital in Springfield and is slowly improving at her home. We missed her at church.

Lyndon and Tyler Pitcock were here a week ago from Fair Grove, and repaired some weather related damage to the house siding.

According to a report I recently heard it is very unsafe to talk on the phone when it is stormy and lightning.

Merry Christmas to everyone this coming Tuesday the 25th. Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law, Charlene Pitcock in Forsyth December 27th. She is recovering from a fall also.

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