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Did not make it to church Sunday, had a family Christmas get-together.

Delmar and I drove to Ava where we exchanged gifts and visited with Beth Stafford and Johnathan Snelson and visited by phone with Mandy Logan.

My granddaughter and husband, Brent and Synthia Bishop, from Killeen, Texas, came in on Saturday and plan to be here for two weeks. They visited with us on Monday afternoon. Brent is in the Army and has been deployed three times to Iraq. He was burned when an IED hit his vehicle while there.

Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Earnie and Helen Cook, Jack and Barb Breshears,  Stacie Hamby and Pauline Okhuysen came to visit this week.

Delmar went to Bolivar and met his son, Frank and Velma Rosseau for lunch and while there they did some shopping.

I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she sounded good. Said she had been folding laundry for the nursing home. Maybe that will help to keep her out of meanness.

We are saddened of the passing of friends, Paul Martin, Ethel Versaw and Connie Cornelison.

We also have grieved over the sensless killing of the children and staff in Connecticut.

Bob and Nora Edwards drove to Collins, Mo. On Thursday and had lunch with his sister, Ruby and Jerry Ford, of Peculiar, Mo. . Visiting in the Edwards home on Wednesday was Shawn, Miranda, Alexis and Braxton Swearengin.

Nora Edwards visited on Friday with Doyne Huffman, Tom, Jewell and Lowell Johnson and Adrian Owens.

Joyce Erickson visited with Bob and Nora Edwards on Friday evening. Kendra Walker had lunch on Sunday with Bob and Nora Edwards.

Until next week, remember the Reason for the Season. I wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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