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Sunday morning service was opened with music by the church band then prayer requests and prayer, then congregational songs.

Margaret Rosseau sang the morning special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Luke 2:1-7, “Sights and Sounds of Christmas.”

Sister Maxine Lind brought the evening message from Luke 1:27-32, “Christian Christmas Wish List.”

Nora Edwards visited on Monday with Suanne Sutherland and one day with Doyne Huffman. Bob and Nora Edwards had their annual cookie making with the kids on Tuesday evening. Those making and decorating cookies were Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Miranda Milligan, Alexis Swearengin, Shelden and Kendra Walker.

Gathering at the Walnut Grove Cemetery on Sunday after church, to decorate Fred Edwards’ grave for Christmas and his 45th birthday were Bob and Nora Edwards, Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Shelden and Kendra Walker, Miranda Milligan, Shawn, Braxton and Alexis Swearengin and Brie Potter. 45 balloons were released before going to the Edwards’ home for pizza.

Uncle Hugh and Aunt Violet Morris were surprised and happy when they got a nice visit from a friend, Bertha Bothwell. Glen and Bertha Bothwell had formerly lived and worked in Ava, but had moved to Windsor, MO. several years ago. Some may remember Bertha when she worked in the Ava Walmart store.

I enjoyed the company and help from Kathleen Deatherage on Thursday when she came down and helped me make several batches of candy.

We had a busy week with three Christmas dinners (ohhh myyy) and a really fun trip to Branson where Kathleen Deatherage and I attended the Pierce Arrow Show and laughed ourselves silly.

My grandson, Maeson, was injured when the scissors he was using slipped and cut his hand. He had 9 stitches and is doing fine.

Those visiting in our home this week were Lee Williams, Nora Hunsaker, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, Pauline Okhuysen, Bevy Moore,  Mrs. Stewart and Donna Bannister.

I have been busy with my crafts, sewing, making candies and visiting with everyone who stops by.

Until next week remember who was born in a manger.

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