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Monday morning this is a beautiful day here in the Ozarks. We better enjoy it because it’s getting close to those winter days.

Georgia Sanders son, Donnie and wife, Karen came up from Claremore, OK. to pick her up. She had been visiting family and friends in the area, for a couple of weeks.

Helen Dobbins, Dick Richards’ sister was buried Friday at the Fannon Cemetery. All five of Dick’s sisters and brothers have passed away.

Norma Cross has been to Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center several times to see Peggy Jenkins. She has been in a lot of pain. Randy took her to her doctor in Springfield one day. She is a little better at this time.

Kelly Thompson’s folks, Marsha and Bruce Bretten from Southern Illinois left for home today. They have been visiting the Thompsons for almost two weeks.

We wish a speedy recovery to Jerry Hall. He had gallstone surgery last week at Cox Hospital in Springfield.

Attendance at Goodhope General Baptist was 62.

Brenda, Kimberly. Misty, Holly and Debbie sang two specials just before Pastor David preached his message, a continuance of “Beatitudes Blessed,” Matthew 5 and 6:14, Psalm 24 and Revelation 22:14-16.

Roger Brown came out to see his cousin, Tom, who has been sick with bronchitis, Sunday afternoon.

Ervin Schultz cousin from South Carolina was in the area and came by to see him and Lodean. Ervin hadn’t seen them for 17 years. I’m sorry I fogot their names.

Harold and Marie Schuenneman took Ervin and Lodean to Springfield Sunday to hear Rev. Rodger Sutherland preach. Rodger is Harold and Marie’s son-in-law and Lodean was Rodger’s Sunday school teacher years ago.

“Jesus is making a list, he’s checking it twice, make sure you name is in the Book of Life.”

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