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12-17-12. Hello again. It’s hard to get one’s mind on anything other than the latest terrible tragedy, but I’ll try. It’s turned cold here again., 32 degrees this morning at ten minutes until eleven. On Wednesday the 12th we made our trek to the Cities. Frank (Dee) Allison met us at Silvis Wal-Mart so Walt (Bob) got to give him a hug and wish him a Merry Christmas and a safe, good trip to Tennessee. Dee left the next day for Tennessee to spend Christmas and a few days wilth his daughter, Cheryl, her husband, Bill White and Bill’s mother, June Cross . He’s supposed to come back the 28th, but he said he may stay there for the winter. I don’t know if he was joking or not. He said he’d had a lot of visitors coming to see him before he left. His daughter, Sue, and husband, his daughter, Shelly, two of Cheryl’s kids and their kids, which of course is his grandchildren and great-grands and he said a cousin had been eagle-watching that morning before he came over there to meet us. They saw an eagle that kept dipping down and trying to get a duck on the water and just as the eagle got down there the duck would go underwater. They watched as it did that for quite awhile. They never had seen any eagle do that before and I haven’t either. One was out here on our big bird feeder one time and had ate one of the birds and I saw it’s wing sticking out of it’s mouth. While in the Cities we met Rob and Sharon again in Silvis Hy-Vee and enjoyed seeing them again. The gave us a Christmas gift and card. We were scheduled to go back to East Moline to pet sit again while Candi and Jarred went to Michigan for Christmas with his family, but now they’re saying on the news that we’re supposed to get four inches or more of snow on Thursday with wind and blowing snow and as we’re scheduled to go up there on Friday. We may have to postpone or cancel our trip up there. The landlord is gone and you know what that means – snowed in again.

I’ve sent about fifty cards and gave out more of them by hand now, and may send more and I know I’ve got more to hand out when we go to Tipton on Wednesday. I sure hope the weather allows us to go to Jared and Carrie’s on the 29th for Christmas with my family. Also I’ve been working on some gifts to take different ones who work in different places in Tipton. I gave Joyce Turner a card last week in Wal-Mart and one to the people in the pharamacy. They all treat me so well. I like to show my thanks. I better end this and get it in the mail. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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